My 1 Year Journey With 100% Soylent (Just Started)

My journey has just begun, but I will post my progress over time.

I am very much the typical engineer and like me some good data. These weight loss curves were generated using a calorie deficient model based on my height and weight. So far I found that I am not having very large cravings for food, and I feel quite good. I have experienced no issues related to bowels, gas, or any other forms of discomfort.

I am planning to lose about 100 lbs.

7/14/2017 - 306.5
7/15/2017 - 303
7/16/2017 - 300.6
7/17/2017 - 300.4


Very cool! I assume you are 100% Soylent? If so, which version? Powder? 2.0? Different flavors of 2.0?

Looking forward to your progress! Here are a couple of recent challenges people have done and posted on here…

I am mostly drinking 2.0 on the go. I have just received powder and plan to drink that while at home (such as dinners) to save some money.

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Quick progress update…

1 week has passed since I started doing a 100% Soylent Diet. I am currently drinking 3 bottles per day and I feel full and have enough energy through the day. I have started walking 8,000 steps per day in an attempt to bring some exercise into my regimen. So far I have 0 cravings to go back to food!

I am a data nerd so please see my calculated caloric deficiency model along with my progress below:


Good luck with your experiment here it will be great to see your final numbers. That felling full and keeping the energy while also losing weight was the biggest reason I stuck with the company since 2014.
Would love to go straight 100% powder again just haven’t been able to afford it.

Anyway keep updating here and watch out for the cravings you might eventually get of a Soylent product. :+1: ( I found it a little strange craving nothing but when it’s not an actual traditional food source) :beer::fries:

Quick Update!

I have hit my first goal of losing over 10 lbs!

It seems my weight loss has stabizilzed at approximately 0.6lb per day. I am currently enjoying 3 Soylent per day (1200 Cal) and trying to walk 30 minutes at lunch and run on the elliptical trainer at night.

I feel very good, still no signs of nausea, constipation, diarrhea or any other ill effects.

I can also say that my cravings are stabilized and I have no desire to eat or “cheat”. Looking forward to making it through another week.



This is great, and I’m looking forward to reading how this progresses for you. I hope that you stick with it and this becomes a successful journey towards a healthier life for you. My own experiment with Soylent (linked above) has so far been more than I had initially hoped for. I’m also a data junky and it’s been helpful to me to track my stats as well.


Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you are having so much success. Here is my current progress update, I am down over 13 lbs! By the way, I apologize if I am posting too many updates, feel free to tell me so.


It’s all good. I just got done posting weekly updates for just over three months, with some weeks seeing more than a couple of extras. Post away. I appreciate the effort, I enjoy the education, and I revel in the success of others.


Three bottles a day seems like it’s almost too low. I’ve been using Soylent 2.0 for several months as a replacement for breakfast and lunch, and sometimes as an afternoon snack. My problem is that I indulge at night, past 8pm. I know that is the reason I haven’t been losing weight. I’ve never been into alcohol or drugs, but my late night food binges are a red flag that I am addicted to food. I’m trying to overcome this hurdle. My fear is always that I’m going to be “too hungry” and get headaches (which does happen). I think I could manage on 4 bottles of Soylent, but I’d love to hear how you can do 3 and get away with it! Isn’t it true that anything less than 1200 calories and your body goes into starvation mode?

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Also, I would love to know what times of day you drink the Soylent and whether you felt a “hump” to get over in the first couple days. And what time of day you weigh in?

My stats are: I’m 5’2" and 211.8 pounds but stocky/muscular. Most people that know me think I’m probably 180 lbs and not my current weight. I work out twice a week. I do have an elliptical, so I really should do at least 30 minutes on that.

My best weight in my adult life was around 170 and I was pretty happy with the way I looked at that point. I was about 176 for my wedding and the pictures looked fine, just slightly overweight but not terribly so. If I could get to 170 or even 165, it would be a dream.

I’ve convinced myself I’m ready – your posts are inspirational. I need to overcome the last hurdle of late night snacks and I CAN do this. If I got results anything like yours, I could lose what I want in less than 3 months.

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