My 2.0 experience and plans


I ordered a case of 2.0 a few weeks ago to try it for two days. The taste takes a bit of getting used to but it isn’t bad. It’s absolutely bland. Once you get past the fact that it isn’t food to be enjoyed and treat it like a substance to fuel your body, it’s all good. Just chug it down and get on with the day. After being concerned that it was a bit too calorie rich, I looked at the Mayo Clinic’s calorie calculator. It said that I should be consuming 2300 cal/day to maintain my current weight. With that in mind, I ordered 3 cases to try it for a week. My experience for the two days I drank it before was that I was very hungry at the end of the day. It’s thin and doesn’t stick with you very long. I saw that it was short about 9g of fiber, so what I’m going to try this order is add enough psyllium husk powder to the shakes to make up the missing fiber. Hopefully that will thicken them up a bit to stave off the hunger longer. I’m undecided whether to add a little across 5 shakes, or add it all to the last couple so I don’t get hungry at night. I’ll try it both ways and report back. If it works out, my intent is to live off this during the week and get my food fix on the weekend.


You’re probably hungry because you’re short some 15% calories from your maintenance intake, and to my knowledge adding fiber has no impact on satiety.

I add psyllium husk as well, in capsule form after most meals, but 9g seems like 2-3 times too much. If you’re set on totaling 9g extra fiber try a fiber blend which is composed of more types than psyllium husk.

Enjoy your first week of Soylent :slight_smile:


The hunger might be psychological too. I actually feel full after drinking two bottles of Soylent 2.0. It’s probably from the fats and proteins. Psychologically I want to drink more of it, but physically I can’t! My stomach feels full but at the same time I feel like I still have an appetite! It tends to go away after about 15 minutes though.


The fiber number I got right from the soylent label. 5 shakes provide 15g and the usda is 25, so I should need 10 per day extra. The thought on the fiber to combat hunger is to add bulk so it’s more filling. We’ll see how it works out. I’ll report back when I get my order.



Got my order and psyllium husk powder. It doesn’t mix as easily as I had hoped. I dumped 1.3TBS in and stirred, only to get a bunch of BB sized lumps that didn’t come out completely when I transferred it to a blender. Next time I will get it going in the blender first then slowly add the powder. It doesn’t add a lot of bulk when spread across 5 shakes. I’m not starting my week until Monday. I’ll weigh myself before and after and report back.



If you decide to keep the extra fiber it may be easier to just add it to water as needed rather than busting out a blender for 2.0.


Hunger hasn’t been bad so far. Only drank 4 today because I just wasn’t hungry enough for the last one. I did snack on some jerky and sunflower seeds though. The gas however has been real paint strippers. Nastiest thing I’ve produced in a long time. Woke the gf up from a dead sleep. Lol


If you normally consume 2300 calories/day and you want to maintain your current weight, then you should drink about 6 bottles/day, which is 2400 calories/day. A large enough calorie deficit will make you hungry.

I found the taste hypnotically delicious for the first few weeks. Only now that I’ve had over 100 bottles do I no longer crave the taste.


Isn’t it possible to overdose on vitamins if you increase your intake just for calories?


Not really, the nutrients with Tolerable Upper Limits closest to their RDAs are the minerals, and the closest are magnesium and calcium which have a TUL double their RDA. So you’d have to drink more than 4000kcal of Soylent per day to be above any TUL, and probably way more than that to see any harmful effects.


what about the fat soluble vitamins which accumulate?


The fat solubility and water solubility of vitamins is taken into account when determining their TUL.

Accumulation doesn’t happen indefinitely, stored vitamins are eventually depleted through use or waste disposal.


ok, I’m not good with working out things like this so maybe you can help me to understand. I am taking a meal replacement which provides 50% of all RDA and I assumed that if I take more than two servings daily I could overdose on nutritents which accumulate. I guess this is why they have ‘RDA’.

If I can take much more than this and not overdose, does that mean that the RDA is not that accurate after all, as it is limiting how much of each vitamin/mineral I should be taking daily according to what would be too much rather than what is needed?


RDA is the Recommended amount you should take, think of it as the minimum for optimal health. More than RDA won’t make you more healthy, but less than RDA will make you less healthy. TUL is the maximum for optimal health, more than TUL will make you less healthy.

As long as your intake for a nutrient meets RDA and doesn’t exceed TUL, you should get the benefits without suffering from deficiency or overdose detriments.


Alright thanks, I will look into this. I hoped it would be easier taking a meal replacement than having to basically do science and healthy eating myself. But as soon as I started doing the meal replacement I started worrying about how I would even know in the long term how my body would handle this amount of full on nutrition :slight_smile:
So I also have to think about the rate at which I’m depleting stuff. I think I will just have a blood test in a few months and hope for the best.


My normal diet is a horrible combination of fast food and “lean cuisine” type frozen entrees. I read that eating several times a day will boost your metabolism. If that’s true, I should burn more calories than normal after my body adjusts to getting fed every few hours. I started taking beano today to see if that helps reduce the amount of nerve gas I’m producing.


The gas could be a side effect of adding that much psyllium husk, you could try adding a fiber blend instead of one type of fiber. It could also be from adding that much fiber regardless of type, try doing a few days without extra fiber just to see if that’s the cause.


Yea, I’m going to drop the extra fiber. My stools have turned a rather disconcerting green and what I’m reading says that it comes from everything moving too quickly through the gut. Apparently bile is green but normally turns brown before you get to see it if the gut is moving at a normal pace. It’s not a problem, just an indicator of stuff moving too quickly.


Subscribed to 96/mo tonight. That’s just short of 5 days a week. We’ll see how long I can stick with it. I hope getting my food fix on the weekends will work.


Update… Well I’ve gained 3-4 lbs since starting this. I can’t say for sure that it’s the soylent, but it’s probable since it’s the bulk of my intake. I have been pretty good about not cheating during the week, so I’ve decided to drop to 4 bottles per day and see where that gets me. What I’ve done for today is dilute 4 bottles with enough water to fill a 5th and I added 2tbs unsweetened natural cocoa (12 cal/tbs) for flavoring, a 1/3 dose of the psyllium husk and a 1/4 tsp of a multivitamin/mineral that I ground into a fine powder in my coffee grinder. When I took the survey, I asked for a lite version that provided about 1600 calories per day. Seems like the women would prefer that version anyway since they require fewer calories.