My 3-Word Review of 1.5

Tastes like 1.3.


1.3 is not a word… It is numbers :sweat_smile:… But I thought they removed the vanilla flavor?


My four word response to your 2+numbers review:

I like this review.



that’s good that it tastes like 1.3 but it’s still fatty as hell and i remain skepitical until i’ve tried it a few times

(my 24 word response since we’re counting)

Waiting for 1.6 :smiley:

I’m not sure skepitical counts as a word :wink:

Although that could be a really cool anagram of skeptical of the calories :smile:

Gloriously glorious if true.

Sorry to all who want to believe this (as I did), but it is not true. It tastes nothing like 1.3 (as you would expect since they didn’t put the artificial flavoring back). It tastes like 1.4, which I hated, but I must admit that isn’t as strong a taste as 1.4.

I’ve actually grown to quite like 1.4. Whenever I go back to 1.3 now, to finish what I have remaining, I’m like, “Ew. Ick.”

I used to like 1.3, so for me, it appears that whatever I’m drinking day in and day out grows on me over time.

My subscription is paused for right now as I whittle down my back-stock, so I might not get to try 1.5. We’ll see.

And you should applaud their decision. You shouldn’t want to consume loads of artificial sweeteners and flavorings.

You really should start that with"in my opinion", as an opinion is what it is. I respect it, but I don’t share it. As a general statement I have no argument with it, but knowing my personal situation I’d make the other choice. My diet isn’t great because the foods I like aren’t great for me and the foods that are great for me I really, really hate. I loved, loved, loved Soylent 1.3, (and it loved me back). But I couldn’t stomach 1.4 and so went off it completely. Now with 1.5 I find it distasteful, though not as bad as 1.4. If this is going to drive me off of Soylent, and I think it may, then in my case I would have been better off with 1.3 style artificial flavorings. (And to all of you itching to tell me to add my own flavors, I’m trying. It isn’t the same, and that isn’t the point anyway). To each their own, but I’d be better off with 1.3.

I added my normal enhancements, Stevia and whey protein isolate – which I added for 1.3 and 1.4 as well – and liked 1.5 better than any of the others as of this morning.

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I completely disagree because I very much liked 1.3 to where I could drink it without flinching and then I drink 1.5 and it’s like consciously saying wow this is not great every time I drink it. Especially without the vanilla flavor.

You ought not want Soylent to come loaded with a vanilla additive. There are a lot of us that don’t want ANY sweeteners/flavorings added to the base formula. Add vanilla to your own batches.

Simply because it is my opinion doesn’t mean it coincides with popular opinion nor does it mean that it is right. However, yes, that is my opinion, I preferred 1.3 (which had vanilla flavoring added) to 1.4 and 1.5 (which did not have these flavors).

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you’re proposing actions that hurt others(pushing for an additive in the base formula), expect to be called out on it.

Some people continually feel the need to call other people out on things.

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I’m calling you out for calling out people who call people out.


I’m calling you out for…

Oh, I guess we all know where I am going with this.