My airtight pitcher leaks badly


how many robber bands does the airtight pitcher have?
Did I miss the robber band cause the leaking. Now I only have one robber band but it seems too big to fit in…
My pitcher is leaking badly,which is annoying.
anyone can help?


it seems like I lose my airtight rubber band carelessly… :joy:


Two. There is one round O-ring (smaller) for where the lid screws in and one flat O-ring (larger) for where the handle screws onto the pitcher. You can order replacements from Takeya ($1.99 for two of each).


Make sure you aren’t over-tightening it. That’s the easiest way to cause a leak. You should only tighten it until it closes, but should not cinch it down more.


Here are pictures of the two O-rings (sorry about the white on white).


I don’t use the pitcher anymore. The geometry and grooves make it tough to clean, even just pouring a glass. I always had dry clumps on the edges when I went back every second glass.

I use this one

The hourglass style makes it mix remarkably well and the top has a little peace sign opening so it even mixes as you pour. And it never gets edge gunk at the top!

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I’ve seen a pitcher looked very similar to that, and was curious about how well it would hold up to shaking. Could you tell be the brand and the capacity of it? The one I saw was 2 liters and I believe it was Rubbermaid.


That’s exactly what it is! If you make sure the top two openings are secure and just hold your hand over both ends, you can shake it really good. I’ve never had it leak.

And I like how it looks like an hourglass. Like when it’s halfway empty, that’s how much of the day left I have to drink lol.