My Biolent has arrived!

Tl;dr: If you don’t want to read the whole thread, my summary is post #30.

I’m working on a DIY, but in the meantime… My 28 meals sample of Biolent, original version, has arrived! If you’re unfamiliar with it: (Canadian).

I’ll get started on Thursday with a 75% Biolent diet, and start posting my impressions & experience. (I haven’t tried Soylent yet for comparison though.)


Looks decent. Straight forward recipe. The oats can be quite tasty, but give some people gas. Enjoy!

Definitely keep us posted! As a fellow Canadian being gouged by the exchange rate right now, Biolent’s price is certainly appealing to me…

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Well I woke up with a splitting headache thanks to a late night with lots of caffeine and crappy food. So I got started with Biolent right away.

Opened the box and first thing I noticed was a delicious vanilla-ish scent (just how it seemed to me, I don’t think it has vanilla in it?). Then when I actually opened one of the 2000cal bags, it smelled different – faintly & pleasantly like chocolate, which is not unexpected since I think it uses chocolate whey?

Measured out 8oz into a 20oz blender bottle. Decided I felt like mixing with unsweetened almond milk instead of water. But I won’t do that with every meal since it would add significant daily cost as well as extra calories. Topped it to the 20oz mark. (Though the supplied instructions say 8oz Biolent to 16oz water = 24oz.)

I shook it up. I didn’t use any special blending technique or put much effort into it. There were some small powdery chunks but that didn’t bother me. I could probably blend it better.

It was delicious. Slightly sweet, lightly chocolatey. Pleasant but not overwhelming. A bit powdery but not off-putting. Certainly not chalky. Very watery, thinner than I expected, compared to my experience with protein shakes (maybe I just dilute protein shakes less?). I liked it thinner, both in terms of texture and mildness of flavor. (You could of course adjust the liquid to your desired thickness/flavor).

By the time I finished it off, the sweetness left a stronger aftertaste. Though I really liked it, I could see myself possibly getting tired of this flavor after a while. I’ll try water next time & diluting it a bit more.

I thought I would struggle with 20oz, but I chugged it down in minutes and wanted more. Not because I was hungry. Just because it was enjoyable.

About 15min later, I’m feeling full. Just on the brink of overfull, but not quite over the edge.

I’m struggling not to go out to my usual cafe right now. Its just a habit. I enjoy relaxing in my neighborhood cafe, people watching, chatting with the regulars, etc. It’s also my way of taking a break from whatever I’m working on, stretching my legs, and getting out of my head. My diet is actually quite driven by these habits rather than hunger or cravings or taste. I hear smokers speak similarly of their cigarette breaks and struggles to quit.


Much of the powder is disolved into the water. So 8oz powder + 16oz water will result in about 18oz final drink volume. So a 20oz bottle is just about right.


Yup I was wondering if that might be the case.

I looked at the almond milk and it seems I added about 100cal. If I do that again, I’ll use a smaller serving of Biolent because more than 500cal in one sitting is too much for me.

I’ve mixed up my next Biolent meal with water and put it in the fridge to chill.

So I wasn’t hungry for about 5 hours after my first Biolent. I actually prefer to eat light every 3 hours, when I’m focused on proper nutrition. So I’ll have to get in the habit of sipping Biolent (or later, my DIY) all day.

My 2nd Biolent meal was mixed with water this time, slightly above the 20oz mark. This was definitely a much milder taste. It also warmed up to room temperature while driving to work. So a little less “wow” factor, but probably easier to consume on a regular basis that way.

Due to the lighter flavor, instead of chugging it like my first Biolent, this time I found myself casually sipping it, absent-mindedly, over a period of about 2-3 hours, while working. This is great because I’ve been in a bad habit of sipping Diet Coke during work. My Diet Coke “addiction” comes and goes for months at a time, but this was starting to get up to a liter per day, which is much worse than usual. So Biolent replaced my Diet Coke this evening and I barely even noticed. Until I developed a headache from caffeine & aspartame withdrawal. :smile:

After work, I had a hardcore craving for vegetables. This is rare for me, but does occasionally happen. Not sure if I can attribute that to Biolent or not. Unfortunately, it was late, I didn’t have any veggies at home, grocery stores were closed, decent restaurants were closed. What I really wanted was a nice fresh stirfry, light on oil. I ended up grabbing a Caesar salad from a pizza place. I know, worst salad option ever. And it had an overwhelming salty chemical taste. I might have thought so anyway, even without the Biolent. I don’t know. I never had a salad from that place before.

So anyway, I should have had 1000cal from 2 Biolent meals today. That should have been 1/2 a bag. But I had too much left over, way more than 1/2 a bag. I’ll have to pay extra attention to my measurements tomorrow to see what’s up.

Even with the high calorie Caesar salad, I most likely under ate today. This is not unusual for me. During my nutrition slump phases, I struggle with my appetite. Plus it doesn’t help that I started my day quite late.

Without getting overly TMI, let’s just say my bowel movements were healthy & normal today, unlike when I’ve been consuming Diet Coke & crap. And my pee was neon yellow. Yup, lots of vitamins in Biolent. :smiley: I just hope those are excess vitamins, rather than simply not absorbing them at all. But nothing unusual there with any vitamin supplement.

I didn’t experience any gas, cramps, nausea, fatigue, or any other immediate issues from the Biolent. Nor did I experience an energy surge or extra mental alertness or anything else. Just a nice even, uneventful day. Can’t complain.

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Oh, and I forgot to mention, it seperates quite easily. I had to give it another shake after it was sitting in the fridge for a few hours. And periodically shook it up while sipping it over 2-3 hours. You’d want to make sure you have a transparent or opaque bottle. No big deal.

I know what I will be ordering as soon as my current supply of soylent and 100% food is gone. Exchange rate is brutal right now and is only supposed to get worse.


Thank you, @foodinapill for being our guinea pig! I’ll be watching your updates over the next week or so before deciding whether or not to put in an order. It’s definitely looking promising! It would be amazing to be able to save that extra money! I’ve got over a month of Soylent left, so I’m going to put a pause on my order until I decide what to do.

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Ok apparently yesterday I somehow misread 4oz as 8oz. Which means I was half-dosed at 250cal per Biolent meal.

Measured properly this morning and topped with 1/2 water, 1/2 almond milk. I thought double the amount of Biolent in a 20oz bottle would be an overwhelming flavor and really thick. But other than having to shake it a bit more, it was not that different from yesterday morning’s Biolent with all almond milk. Delicious. Again, I chugged it down and wanted more.

I may continue with 1/2 servings of 250cal diluted in a 20oz bottle, and just drink them more frequently to encourage sipping instead of chugging and break that “MORE, give me more, NOW!” feeling. Lol.

If I haven’t mentioned it, the taste & experience is nearly the same as a good quality tasty protein shake. Which makes sense since chocolate whey is a primary ingredient. A protein shake fortified with carbs, fiber, vitamins/minerals.


So at the 500cal serving, I am now experiencing heavy mucus production & post-nasal drip. I get this when I consume too much of something I’m sensitive to, which includes wheat/gluten & dairy/lactose. Its like a mild allergy. I do consume some in my regular diet, but certain forms seem to affect me more than others.

It could be the whey, or oats (if not gluten-free), or maltodextrin (depending which form of maltodextrin is in Biolent). Most likely the whey, which is the most foreign ingredient to my body right now – I haven’t consumed whey protein powder for over 15 years. The symptoms aren’t too bothersome, but I wouldn’t want to consume in large quantities on a regular basis due to other health impacts over time. UPDATE: Adapted. Symptoms stopped after a few days. But still would rather switch from whey to vegan protein.

I anticipated this with Biolent, as well as Soylent & every other other alternative I’ve investigated. Schmoylent Clean seems to have ingredients I could probably do ok with, but not the ideal macro ratios, and I would prefer more variety of ingredients.

That’s why I’m working on a DIY. I’ll continue with Biolent in the meantime.

PS – Biolent Green version doesn’t have whey, but it has soy instead. I’m avoiding soy for other reasons. CORRECTION: Biolent Green uses rice protein. All 3 (original, flex, green) have soybean oil. And green has the same macro ratio as original. Can’t remember why I chose original instead of green. I swear there was a reason. :S

I’m now drinking my afternoon Biolent mixed with pure coconut water. Its tasty but really strong for my liking. If I do that again, I’ll try 1/2 water + 1/2 coconut water.

EDIT: Sipped it slowly. As it warmed up to room temperature, the strength of the coconut water flavor diminished and became quite nice.

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A stranger sitting on the bench across from me in the park just commented that I was smiling a lot.

Since people often ask me “what’s wrong?” – which usually puzzles me because nothing is wrong – and think I’m pissed off when I’m not, this was quite unusual & noteworthy.

My totally scientific conclusion: Biolent makes me happier and more attractive. Lol :smiley:


So yesterday I had the 2 servings of Biolent, then finished off my evening with a huge veggie stirfry to satisfy the previous craving that was still lingering.

I was also craving salmon which is unusual. I usually enjoy a few bites if my bf cooks it but never seem to feel in the mood for it for whatever reason. We have some fresh wild salmon in the freezer but my bf is away right now and wouldn’t want to eat his catch without him. :smile:

Last night, I developed the infamous deadly gas. :mask: My bf made a big show of it, making fun of me, opening all the windows & doors. Well, it was pretty bad. :blush: It didn’t last long. I don’t know if it was the Biolent or the broccoli in the stirfry. Broccoli can do that. EDIT: It never happened again. It must have been the broccoli.


So I mixed my breakfast Biolent with iced black coffee from my favorite cafe, and topped up with a bit of extra water. I had to apologize to them for the crime I was committing against their award-winning coffee. My Biolent tastes kind of like melted coffee ice cream. Not bad at all. UPDATE: Sweet coffee flavor became sickening after sipping for awhile.

Though it’s made me more jittery, with racing heart, than just coffee or sugary stuff ever does by itself. I definitely felt the caffeine hit, like the first time I ever had coffee 20 years ago, or like one of those 5 hour energy drinks.

When people ask me what I’m drinking, I just tell them its like a protein shake with extra vitamins, minerals, fiber, probiotics, etc. Or like a meal replacement shake like Vega One or Shakeology, with a bit extra added to it. I tell them about the ingredients, and tell them I’m working on making my own version. They’re quite receptive & interested. Its not too radical, not too far away from something they already understand & accept. I avoid all the adverse Soylent reactions this way.

So I spent 2 hours sipping my iced Biolent coffee, finally finished it off. The coffee flavoring was somewhat sickening by the time I was nearing the end – too sweet with a bitter coffee aftertaste.

On the plus side the strong flavor made me both thirsty and craving something bland, and I drank 2 tall glasses of iced herbal tea with no sweetener. This is actually the first time I’ve been able to tolerate tea (iced or not) without any sweeteners at all.

I was focused on work for about 3 hours without Biolent and was suddenly struck with hunger. I mixed up my second Biolent in water and drank about 1/4, but it was too late. My hunger had already set in too much, with a sushi craving. So I went for sushi. Didn’t feel the desire for the Diet Coke I usually have with it, which is great.

I’ll finish the rest of my 2nd Biolent later this evening.

I had a carb craving last night and had a slice of whole grain toast. I try not to eat too much wheat too often (been failing on that the last few months). But it hit the spot.

Day 4

2 servings of Biolent @ 500cal today. As my palate is resetting, I’m enjoying it more with just cold water.

I drank another tall glass of iced peppermint tea with no sweeteners today.

I was craving veggies with a bit of meat. Got a stirfry from a restaurant that I usually enjoy because they use less oil & sauces than most restaurants. But I found the serving size too large and sauces too salty. Also contained a lot of white rice which I didn’t need at all. I feel bloated and a bit overfull.

I have significantly cut back on my Diet Coke habit, down to one can (355mL) per day from my previous 1L per day. I’m not even really enjoying them (not sure if I ever really did). I should be able to cut it out completely soon.

I’ve also significantly cut back on my coffee habit. I only drank 1 in the past 4 days, whereas usually I have 1-3 per day.

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Thanks for reviewing this stuff. I didn’t even know it existed; I’ll have to give it a try and see if I can save some money! Do you know where it shipped from?

@Prairiepanda – I think its in Ontario? I don’t have the box it shipped in anymore to check that.