My body rejected Soylent


First time trying Soylent a few weeks ago. I mixed 2 scoops of Soylent 1.4 and 4 scoops of water (500 cal). I drank maybe half of it until my stomach didn’t feel right. It wasn’t sickness but something else. I knew I was going to be hungry so I ate a small frozen burrito. 5 hours later I didn’t feel quite right but decided to have another frozen burrito for dinner.

After an hour, I vomited it all up. It is like I didn’t digest much of the Soylent. Sat was chicken soup day. Sun and Mon was my normal Cheerios but something weird happened: I wasn’t hungry late into the day, as if the cheerios didn’t digest much either. Tuesday I felt normal.

Do you think this is an allergy or an intolerance? To which ingredient? I have high stomach acid so I usually digest stuff easily.


It might be

  1. The 2 frozen burritos
  2. Probably NOT an allergy (allergic reactions happen right away, not 5hrs later)
  3. Stomach acid (again, the burritos)
  4. Bad/contaminated batch?
  5. Maybe it was the feeling of your stomach being full but not being psychologically satisfied (esp. If it also happened with cereal)
  6. Something else. I’m not a doctor (though I bet that a few of the people here are).


I’m not a doctor. When I started Soylent I mixed snack size servings for about 1 week along with muggle just to let my body ease into the change. I’m now consuming 1 pitcher every 2 days. Coffee and iced tea is my only other constants. Occasionally I’ll have a pastry or chips and dip etc., but I’ve totally eliminated any frozen processed anything from my world and I’m anxious to see what results I get at my next blood work. I’m 6 months in and I’ve got too believe things will look better. Hang in there ssiard. I promise to post somewhere on this discourse my results.


 7. A stomach flu. (“Stomach bug”)
 8. A previous meal or something you ate prior. (Sometimes it does’t show up for many hours.)
 9. Contaminated water or ice. (This is actually much more common than you might think. Ice machines develop sludgy growth in them, especially at restaurants and need to be cleaned but often aren’t.)


Gross! How do you know about the ice sludge?


Thanks for the replies. I agree that it could be a number of things but my hunch is that it was the Soylent since I couldn’t even finish the drink and everything else I did was normal for me.

I want to try Soylent again since I love the concept but I’m pretty sure I now have a taste aversion to it :frowning:

If I do try Soylent again, I will try a much smaller portion and I’ll update this post with my findings.


So maybe it was mental then?


So maybe it was mental then?

[quote=“soylenttaker5, post:7, topic:21345, full:true”]

So maybe it was mental then?
[/quote]No. I believe it was something in Soylent that I cannot digest. Or at least poorly digest.


First time I tried Soylent 1.0 I ended up sick the first day, all my tendons, specially the neck (which gave me a headache) tightened up… and I ended up throwing up later that day. All the other times I had Soylent after that were fine… then i had a long break of about 7 months, and then I tried Queal for a week… first day I got the same tightening of my tendons and in the neck headache… I didn’t throw up this time. I felt hot and queasy during both times.

What I am getting at is it could be a “adjustment” to different levels of something specific since it goes away… I have IBS, and a pretty sensitive stomach, GERD (acid reflux) so that is a big factor too


Have you ever had a bowl of oatmeal? If not it may be worth a shot. I can eat oat containing products but raw oat flour ruins me (cooked isn’t too pleasant either but with enough fiber it’s manageable).


Sounds reasonable. The only way to really know is to run some controls and some further testing. Have one cup of soylent (say 500ml) made from known clean water (distilled, just opened or filtered water, even bottled are good likely sources) and wait 5-6 hours (possibly longer).

I had trouble with 1.1 and wasn’t able to pin down the cause though. Only two bags hit me the wrong way, after that there were any problems.