My Cacao powder arrived!

My very first Powder delivery was Delivered October 8th, 2014 70 Meals (14 Pouches)
My last Powder delivery was May 18th, 2015, yep! near 3 years ago!
Have been die hard 2.0 drinker since. Jumped on the Cacao 2.0 as soon as it came out 12/26 so since January 19th 2017 I have been on 2.0 Cacao.
Knew it was coming today and kicked myself as I totally forgot my shaker bottle, So i just just took my 1st sip of the 1.9 Cacao Powder 10 mins ago
Sipped and closed my eyes , let my tongue tell me whats what
Swallowed and grinning :grin: from ear to ear , OMG its just… like… 2.0 Cacao!
I am in LOVE



Welcome back to the powder family! You’ll like the other upcoming powder flavors :slight_smile:


Just curious, but why go for full sacks of flavours, were you not tempted to opt for flavour pouch as an additive style ala Huel?

Better flavor consistency. Better return on investment. Easier to market. Plays into our brand as being as simple as possible. Flavor ad ins have advantages, as the cost to changing flavors or in having a bad flavor are very low. But the trade offs in having one strong flavor are not enough to warrant going this route.


Makes sense. Release them in Europe already :wink: