My (Canadian) Soylent Formulation


So, Amazon isn’t really a viable source for supplements etc up here in Canada, which sucks because it seems like that is the main place most of the Americans on here are getting their supplements from. I originally had sourced my supplements 50/50 from and, but I have been having some serious issues with’s shipping, so have changed everything over so I can order everything from I’m not plugging them, feel free to order from somewhere else if you want, it’s just the source that worked best for me. (Shameless plug: if you decide to order from, and it’s your first order ever from them, you can use the coupon code getmesomesoylent to get $10 off a $40+ order, and I get a $10 referral discount as well.)

My micronutrients come from the following sources:
Kosher salt
Potassium Bitartrate (most economical source I have been able to find, purchased locally from a wine maker)
Calcium/Magnesium supplement
Liquid lecithin as emulsifier and choline source
Vitamin K2 supplement
Boron supplement
Kirkland (Costco) super concentrate omega-3
Kirkland (Costco) Formula Forte for Men multivitamin

I based my micronutrient amounts on the US and Australia RDA amounts, I think I’ve covered all of my bases. My main fat source will be olive oil, my primary protein will be whey concentrate/isolate mix from an online bulk source ($340 per 45lb), I’m hoping to have my primary carb be maltodextrin, but am having a heck of a time finding it at a reasonable price here in Canada - neither brewer’s stores nor bulk/natural food places have thus far been helpful for finding it.

I will also be including creatine in my shakes, mostly because I have a decent sized tub at home from the last time I was working out regularly. I will eat one quest protein bar per day, which will be accounted for in my macro counts, and will also be my primary source of fiber (15-20g of fiber per bar). I know that the quest bars add a significant amount to the total cost, but I enjoy them and think that having some solids going through my system isn’t a bad idea. I’ve worked out my total cost to be in the neighbourhood of $840/3 months. Can get it down to about $200/month without the quest bars, and probably even cheaper by going to a lower protein intake, I’m shooting for 1g protein / lb lean mass, and estimate that a 45lb box of whey will last about 4 months.

As to how I’ll mix it, I will take the vitamins and supplements as pills, rather than crushing them up and trying to mix them in the soylent. It turns out that my immersion blender’s whisk attachment fits perfectly into the mouth of my nalgene waterbottles, so I will mix the shakes individually in them each morning.

I’ve uploaded the obligatory spreadsheet with all of my calculations and links etc to:

Please feel free to send me any comments or thoughts you may have.

PS: Any other canadians have a good online source for maltodextrin?

**EDIT: I had a thought about using Torani or other brand of flavored syrups to add some taste to soylent. Thoughts?

#2 is a great site, free shipping is the best thing ever. The hubby and I buy all of our health stuff and toiletries from them.

I have no idea where to get maltodextrin, unfortunately.


I’m planning to get my Maltodextrin from Toronto Brewing.

I’m close enough to their temporary location to pick my order up in person. I don’t know what their shipping costs are like, but they sell it at a reasonable $3.00 / lb. I’ve seen it sold at $4.00 / lb as a weight gain fitness product.


Thanks for the info. The only other source I’ve seen that looks even remotely reasonable is - it’s the same people I’ll be getting my whey through, which is a plus, but I’ve also seen 50lb bags of malto for like $60 in the states… so I know there has to be a cheaper source out there somewhere.

#5 has malto and bulk whey. Im in Canada too, maybe I we can team up on micros? I have one other person interested aswell. We’d just need to verify measurements.


Ah, sorry didnt read down. Check our and consider using an thrid party international shipper. Thats my plan when I can afford to make a purchase.


Secondly, if youre using supplements and protein bars, youre on the right track, but remember to use a molecular calulator if you switch to raw mats


All things considered, I’m probably going to just order from for both my malto and whey. Seems to be the only reasonable source for malto that I can find, and the free shipping is a bonus.

I’m going to wait about a month to start my full-time soylent trial, because I’m moving and getting a new job and I want to get settled there before I make any drastic changes.

I’ve already got all my micros all figured out, it works out almost perfectly that I get 90 days from each of the supplements. You are more than welcome to use and check my data, I’ve got all of my sources listed in my spreadsheet. The only stuff I don’t have an online source for is the main multi, omega 3s, and potassium bitartrate. The first two are costco, the potassium I found locally.


Toronto Brewing says they can sell me a full 50lb bag of maltodextrin for about $120.00. That makes it $2.40 / lb. Any other brewing supply store in Canada should be able to give you a similar deal.


Rather than create a new topic I’ll just resurrect this one.

I’m on day 4 of soylent now, using a slightly modified version of my previously posted one. I’ve subbed in 60g of oat powder and am using a 50/50 amount of coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. I have recently moved (via plane) for work, and as a result I was unable to bring most of my macros with me, so I was forced to start with a ridiculously expensive chocolate-flavored maltodextrin/protein/other stuff workout blend for my carbohydrate, and have temporarily adjusted my other intakes accordingly. The flavor isn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t ideal. My total fibre intake with the oats is somewhere around 25g. I have ordered some bulk protein and maltodextrin from, so I should be able to have a version that is more true to the original idea soon. I will also report back with my experience in ordering from them.

Thus far I’m feeling good, no adverse side effects at all. I am mixing my soylent in three batches with 400ml water each, done individually in 1000ml nalgene bottles using the whisk attachment on my immersion blender. This works very well, and it seems to stay immulsified nicely for the whole day. The oats do seem to settle out a little, but a bit of a shake before consuming fixes that. Also, the coconut oil tends to end up as tiny chunks, but they are so small it isn’t really noticeable. I make sure to consume at least an extra 500ml of water with each batch of soylent to ensure I feel full, and I usually drink at least another 1000ml of water during the day.

I am on a fairly calorie-restricted intake (1650 calorie) to help with losing the weight I gained over the last two semesters, but even with this restriction I am not feeling any significant hunger pains. I intend to drop about 30lb over the next two-three months or so, and once I get down to ~150lb I plan on increasing my calorie intake to support slow muscle gain. My current feeding schedule on work days is:

0400 - Wake up, make soylent
0600 - Eat quest protein bar, take multivitamin
1000 - Soylent
1400 - Soylent
1800 - Soylent
2000 - Sleep

I am going to try to stick to something close to this for my days off as well. My days off should include at least an hour of rock climbing or some other decently intensive physical activity. I am going to try to make it a couple of times per week on work days as well, but right now work with commute eats up about 13.5 hours (0500-1830) per day, so I’m not sure how well that is going to work.

Will update more as things progress.


Well, my exercise plan hasn’t worked out, but that’s because of work, not the soylent. I feel great, my skin is good, and all in all I’m quite liking this soylent thing.

My order came in today. Shipping was fairly fast. Ordering process was fairly painless. 25lb of whey is a pretty big bag. Haven’t tried it in soylent yet, but it looks and tastes like whey. Also, the maltodextrin is reasonably priced and seems to be what it is advertised as.

I’ve discovered that making the soylent the night before with medium-warm water and refrigerating it overnight is an excellent way to make sure the coconut and olive oils are properly mixed and stay in emulsion. Doing it with cool or cold water tends to leave fat lumps throughout, which I don’t mind much, but they do tend to get stuck in my teeth.

Now that my proper base ingredients are here, I’m going to try plain soylent for a week, and also buy some flavored syrups to see if I can’t tweak it a bit and keep things fresh.


I use coconut oil and clarified butter in mine. I learned the same thing about chilling it after it’s mixed. For my first batch with coconut oil, I was keeping all of the ingredients in the fridge. I couldn’t get the coconut oil mixed before it solidified. I ended up with enormous chunks. It was disgusting (but I drank it anyway).

Some other Canadians shared their formulas with sources. They’ve gotten their daily costs pretty low so there might be some things there you can use.


I just did a quick calculation, and it looks like my total essential food cost is right around $5.30/day. It would definitely be possible to get it under $5. Buying in bulk for some things would drastically reduce the costs - specifically I’m buying oat bran @ $3 per 500g, and a few other things I’ve bought locally but could have saved a significant amount on online. I of course have a number of non-essential quasi-luxury items in my diet, but that’s because I want to and I can easily afford it.

The other big savings is that I’m spending no more than 10 minutes per day on food, total. That includes prep and cleanup. When my work day is usually north of the 13 hour mark, that’s a serious bonus.

I’ve just ordered some Torani syrups online (couldn’t find any similar stuff locally), when they get here I am going to start experimenting with flavoring my soylent.


Flavored syrups are great with soylent. I’ve so far only dipped into the mango, but it’s excellent. One oz (~30ml) added into a day’s batch gives a very subtle flavor, two gives a more pronounced flavor. I’m very much enjoying it. No real other updates. It’s going well. No health issues. Feeling good. Still enjoying the tasty nutritious soylent.

Considering doing the next ~2.5 weeks until I go on vacation as just soylent, without my usual saturday day or “real” food. Not sure yet. Might put it down to one meal rather than the whole day. I do like having a steak on saturday.


I sourced maltodextrin from Canadian Home Brew Supplies. 50 lb bag for $120 (taxes in) pick-up only from their location at 10 Wilkinson Rd Unit 1, Brampton. (410/407 area).

Call before you go to ensure they have it in stock Phone: 905-450-0191.

It seems only has 1lb bags of malto for $3.21/lb, vs the $2.40/lb from brew supply. I found it hard to track down though, so the website is not a bad solution if you can’t pick it up. Not sure why malto is so much more expensive in Canada vs the US. It would almost be cheaper to pay UPS to ship a 50lb bag from the US (probably about the same cost).


So you also put salt in your formula? Doesn’t that make it taste really awe-full? I just tested my own formula for 1 day now and I’m going to try it without salt to see how this tastes.


The owner of Toronto Brewing told me maltodextrin is one of those things that is simply not made in Canada. Also, these home brew suppliers don’t seem large enough to have a whole pallet shipped to them at once, so they’re probably paying the same shipping cost you would for an individual 50lb bag. You might actually get a better price if you order it directly from their source.

I’d have to try one of the brands that sells on Amazon though. The label on the bags I bought from Toronto Brewing says “L.D. Carlson Company in Kent Ohio”. Their website says they don’t sell to individuals.


A friend of mine runs a small brewing store in BC and can get a decent price on malto. it’s about 40-50 dollars cheaper then Canadian protein depending on the amount. My issue is i do not want to have a bunch of it sitting around my house. If you live near me it would be great to put money together for an order. Anyone that is close by, we can meet in person. If you are not we can organize it over the phone.

Oh and i would be able to provide receipts for the exact cost of the total shipment via email or photocopy.

This is the thread.


Yup. I also sweeten it a little with a liquid sucralose because I find it too bland/salty. If I didn’t have the sucralose I’d probably switch my carbs to a mixture of table sugar and maltodextrin or some such thing. Actually, at the calorie/macro levels (1500cal/day, only 1300 of that from soylent) I’m at, I could probably get away with 100% table sugar as my carb source and it wouldn’t be too terrible.


I’m not sure that’s true. The bag I bought was made by CASCO, and I believe they have a plant in Port Colborne. It says right on the bag ‘Made in Canada’.