My cancer and soylent experience

I was diagnosed with a type of cancer called nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a cancer which resides in the nose/throat area. Treatment involves simultaneous chemotherapy and intense radiation directed through your throat. Diet becomes the biggest struggle. First, you lose your sense of taste. Then you stop producing saliva and overproduce mucous. As if that’s not enough, the radiation effects start to kick in which is the equivalent of letting the insides of your throat bake in the sun for 6 weeks with no protection! Even swallowing water becomes a tear inducing, bring you down to your knees experience which makes a 2000 calorie a day goal very difficult to achieve.

I am now finished with treatment and can say that Soylent was what got me through this challenge! Soylent was one of those few things that actually tasted like it was supposed to and went down easy. The consistency helped coat my throat and reduced the pain. I drank 4 a day to get a base 1600 calories for the day. My weight had dropped due to treatment and inability to eat but the soylent diet helped me hold the line and prevent any more loss.

Still awaiting scans to see the success of the treatment but definitely got through the difficult part subsisting on soylent!


That is great!




I had the same cancer experience in 2014. Unfortunately I had to have a PEG feeding tube and my choice of nutrition was Jevity. Soylent would have been perfect in my feeding tube had it been available. Glad to hear you are through the worst of it. Life gets better. I am 2 1/2 years out and in full remission. Best of luck to you on your scan results.


I am sorry you have to go through such a painful experience. I will be keeping you in thought for a full recovery.
Thank you for sharing this experience. Anyone that should have to go through such treatment in their future could consider Soylent with their doctors now. I know I sure would - even insist on it!

Stay strong!