My cat won't stop trying to drink my soylent


Every time I pour some, she runs around and tries to get at it whenever I put it down, and she licks the cup clean if I don’t rinse it immediately.

Does anyone have any idea what she finds so appealing about it, or if it’s bad for her?

What If You Had Other Equally Positive, Equally Easy Meal Options?

Looks like you need some kitty defense shields.

Simply place them over your glass of choice to prevent your furry friend from sampling your drink.


I read another post long ago from someone saying that their dogs would go crazy for the dregs of their Soylent. His guess was it was the protein content since the only other time they did that was for red meat. My guess is it’s something similar. Our cats haven’t ever expressed any interest in our Soylent, despite having sniffed at our glasses, but they also get a raw food diet so maybe yours are “craving” something they aren’t getting in their normal diet? That’s about the only thing I can think of…


Our cat us crasy for cold black tea. But she isn’t interessted in my Soylent… :smile_cat:


One of my 3 loves Soylent… :blowfish:


My cats love to eat bread, I had to put children’s locks on anything that has bread.


As long as they don’t puke it up. One of my cats used to go for red wine (dipped her paw in the glass and was dainty about it) but that was OK because it made her mellower which was good. But she also liked ice cream. I mean really aggressively. Would pounce on my table and try to grab the dish. If I wasn’t watching carefully she would manage to down quite a bit. Wait half an hour and she’d throw it right up. Lactose intolerant the silly cat. Should have poured a glass of red wine everytime I wanted ice cream. Hindsight.



I have a similar issue with my dog. I gave him a little try of soylent a couple of weeks after starting it. He licked the dish clean and clearly loved it. Ever since then, every time he sees the soylent he rushes over, sits with his best behavior, and stares at me with that drooling look (if you have a dog, you know). I do give a little bit to him every now and then. He gets more excited for soylent than he does for dog food or treats. I do think that he is feeling the euphoric feeling of receiving certain nutrients, which does concern me about the lack of such in his current diet. Looking into it.


A lot of dog foods are pretty bad when it comes to nutrition. You can check your brand, or research a new one, at

(Among the lowest rated brands, with one star out of five: Alpo, Beneful, Gravy Train, Kal Kan, Kibbles 'n Bits, Pedigree, and seven different kinds of Purina–and that’s just the kibbles. One-star wet dog foods include two Science Diets, Pedigree, and another Purina. There are lots of good kinds though!)


Quite a few people have observed the same. A lot in Stray cats and Soylent. :cat:


First, you need to clean whatever room that is. It looks like a floor but I can’t tell.
Second, discipline your cat when it gets near your food.
You seem like the type of person who eats on the floor and let’s your cat fight for the food you are trying to eat.
Your cat probably views you as a subordinate to itself. You need to teach it otherwise.

Cats are true carnivores. Their digestive systems are not designed to handle carbohydrates and bovine lactate.
Due to the large carbohydrate content in soylent, if you let your cat consume it for long enough, it will become diabetic and die.


This does remind me a of question I keep intermittently wondering. How safe is Soylent for various pets? Just because we can eat things and thrive, or at least not suffer damage to our health from them does not mean our pets can too; for example, onions and cats.


There are ants in my kitchen. I try to keep it clean but they always find the remnants of Soylent. The poison I put down only slows them down. I think they are becoming super ants! :wink: