My cutting blend


Most of my ilk start cutting fat for the summer, so they can hit the beaches and woo the bikini-clad goddesses. Being Scottish, my social calendar revolves instead around Hallowe’en, the one time of year I can strip off without being sectioned.

My daily calories go from 3000 to 2100, which comes exclusively from a 100g drop in fat. I’d prefer it came from carbs, but that isn’t an option. I was really struggling to get a few heavy metals and B-vitamins with my previous blend, so I decided to swap a base of water to one of full-fat milk. 2l provides 100g carbs, ~70g fat and ~50g protein, along with myriad micronutrients.

I absolutely detest psyllium though, it makes the whole thing into a goopy gel if I leave it for even a moment, reducing portability to nil. Are there any alternatives for fibre?

Final point (apart from the implicit request for feedback, criticism and general hole-poking), squash works kind of well. The thickness of the texture (pre-psyllium) is a little disquieting for the orangey flavour, but it improves taste without messing with my macros. Now to find something that doesn’t turn out to be chock-full of aspartame.


Dextrin is an alterative for fiber which is tasteless and dissolves invisibly, though I personally doubt (having done zero research, lazy ignorant me) that it provides a sufficiently diverse fiber profile for optimal GI health. It’s found in most grocery stores and pharmacies (but usually not health or nutrition stores, interestingly), just labeled “fiber supplement” or something like that.

Another way to deal with this issue is to make solid soylent. In your case you’d obviously need to replace the milk with other things (powdered milk being the most obvious but probably not the best). What I do is I mix my ingredients in an electric mixer, then very slowly add water. Eventually you’ll get the stuff forming into larger and larger chunks; that means you’re almost there. Then it’ll all ball up into a single blob; that means you’re done. I then make it into a square, slice that into quarters, and slice the quarters in half to make 250-calorie energy bar type things. I find this to be a more appetizing (and also more convenient!) way to ingest soylent, and in this context the fiber is much more palatable.


Flaxseed, bran, various whole grains… it’s easier if you don’t try to get your entire dose of fibre from a single ingredient.

EDIT - Oh yes, and chia seed – but it, too, is highly hygroscopic and likely also to contribute to the dreaded goopy gel.


@nwthomas I tried soylid for a while, it tasted weird and I couldn’t get the texture quite right, it was too crumbly. I’ll look up your recipe and see what I can change for texture’s sake. Is a fibre profile really a thing?

@J_Jeffrey_Bragg Those are all a lot more expensive though, and multiple ingredients compounds that. I’ll have a look into the bran though, I remember that being cheap and I ignored it because of (I think) carb content.


Is a fibre profile really a thing?

That phrase may have been some BS that just popped out of my head. There is at least one important distinction between types of fiber, which is soluble vs. insoluble. They are two kinds of fiber which are good for different things, and I hear it’s good to get both. (That is about the limit of my understanding.) Dextrin is a soluble fiber, with no insoluble component.


“That phrase may have been some BS that just popped out of my head”

I suppose that’s the risk you take when you’re getting so much fibre. I take it psyllium is insoluble, so I might just have as much dextrin as possible and whack the psyllium into some gelcaps I have kicking around for no reason.


That sounds to me like it would work great!


The orangey taste (to psyllium) is usually because you’re using the flavored version. Unflavored psyllium husk powder can be found and it’s relatively cheap. I personally plan to use it and dextrin half-and-half for fiber, but if the texture is too nasty, the easiest way to take psyllium fiber is to just mix a teaspoon into a large glass of water and slam it down.

(ETA: rereading I’m not sure if you meant it tasted like orange, or that there was that pumpkin color from the use of squash.)


I’ve been trying polydextrose ( as an alternative to psyllium husk and so far so good, though it’s only been a couple days. Polydextrose is, apparently, a popular ingredient in the low-carb diet community and is recognized as a dietary fiber.


@foomf I’ve been adding Robinsons to flavour it, it takes the weird “liquid bread” taste away.

@goldilocks that seems really promising, I’ll have to keep tabs on you while I gear up to reorder. So much wasted money…


Yeah, I keep wondering why people hate the ‘Liquid Bread’ taste when it isn’t coming in the form of beer :slight_smile: But what’s Robinsons?


It’s a fruity diluting juice, zero nutrient value but it tastes nice. @goldilocks where are you sourcing yours? I can’t find anything reasonable.


I went with this:

The bag isn’t kind enough to give a measurement on the serving in terms of volume (only mass), but since I didn’t have a scale handy I measured out the whole bag to estimate that one 28g serving is about two tablespoons.


Or, I guess if you were really ambitious:


Bugger, I was worried you’d be American.


Acacia is a decent alternative for fibre. It’s allgedly soluble, but I find it sinks to the bottom of my shake. At least it doesn’t soldify into pudding!

Cheapest source to the UK is £13 for 454g. I use 5g a day.