My Dear Soylentologists


My Friends,

Since we are apparently a cult–what better way to start than with a good old-fashioned Inquisition! It’s purpose, of course, is to cast out the soylent pretenders. My friends, you know them. Help them confess. They don’t use our divine prophet Rhinehart’s soylent, or it composes, dare I say it, less than half of their diet. :sweat:

But I’m getting ahead of myself! First we’ll need a Grand Inquisitor! Cast your votes here!

One of us, One of US, ONE OF US :open_mouth:

"My Life With The Soylent Cult"
Haha, we're a cult
Soylent 2.0 - 32% Price Increase?!
What's up with this?

We’re a cult? Wonderful :smiley:

And yet on that same site, one of the permanent header links is titled “BitcoinMania”. Hm…



I didn’t know they offered Soylent 2.0 in champagne bottles! :smile:



It’s hard to take seriously a diatribe that ends with this footnote: “2* Is disrupting sex next on the cards?” Perhaps Izabella Kaminska has not noticed, but sex has been disrupted for decades. The birth control pill and viagra come to mind as two of many, many examples.


Ha! I didn’t want to register so I didn’t read the whole thing, but the Rhinehart quote that opens the article is pretty hilarious.


can’t read the article without a subscription. BOOOO!!!

I would also use a site like for a site like that too.


Interesting, I came to it from Google News after searching for “Soylent,” and they let me read the whole thing.


Strange I got to the full article the same way. But apparently if you try to follow a link there it won’t let you read it without signing up for the site.


Wow, that article. So, does that make Rob the Grand Poobah or something?


After finally reading the article I find I have only one thing to say…

Hail Rob. All blessed is the Soylent 2.0.


Well, I’ve always said the only cult I’d ever join would be a sex cult… so who’s ready to get naked?


Does this mean we can start our own ministry like John Oliver did last Sunday?


I signed up for a bogus account and copied/pasted the text into a share-able Google doc, for anyone that wants to read it and not sign up:


And I thought that other article was bad. This is like ten times worse.


Finally. I always wanted to join the Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo.



Time to design up a weird hat then?


Wall Street Journal picked up the cult story:


Heretic! 1.5 is still the true master of all!