My DIY feels too salty, what can I do?


I just finished preparing my first “complete” DIY soylent

Photos: [ powder mix | bottles ]

Here’s my recipe:

I used 6 grams of iodized salt and 6 grams of potassium chloride (a sodium-free salt alternative).

I just tried to take a sip … and … it feels too salty.

Has anyone else had a similar problem before?

I put it in the fridge for now … not sure if “waiting on it” will do anything.


Did you try putting less salt in it?

Did you try turning it off and on?


The salt information in your recipe looks way off - you should go for about 3g of salt, and use the US RDA instead of that Rob’s Recommended profile.


Way off indeed! I use 1,5 gr in my recipe. This is while i like to snack sometimes too - for taste and social reasons - and most snacks contain a lot of salt.

Soylent that is too salt tastes very bad.


Thanks for the responses guys!

I think I’ll have to find another source of potassium

For now I think I will prepare another batch with all the ingredients except the salts … and then remix it with the current batch … to see if that will make it any better.


Wow, this guy managed to complete his recipe with 7 times less the cost than your recipe.


There are plenty of cheaper options … I’m sure. But I feel like I have to do it myself. See NIH Syndrome

I tried once to do a mini masa-based soylent - didn’t like it at all.

Most of the cost in my recipe is from the Maltodextrin, the protein, the nutritional powder, and the fiber. I will have to look for some cheaper options.

For now I’m not concerning myself with the price too much. Even if I pay $20/day that’s still cheaper than what I’m currently spending on food per day.

I’d rather find the right mix then adjust and optimize as I go.