My DIY journey begins today!


Hello all! I am starting my DIY journey today. I created my own recipe that is loosely based on People Chow. The major differences are that mine is oat flour based and lower carb than People Chow.

My main reason for embarking on this journey is to eat a healthier diet and to lose weight. I have two kids and want to make sure that I am here for them for a very long time. I will periodically posting my statistics so that all of you can see my progress.

Height: 6’5"
Current weight: 314.2 lbs
Body Fat %: 38.8
Goal Weight: 220 lbs.

Wish me luck.


looking forward to hear how it goes :smiley:


Likewise. I’m on my own soylent + exercise odyssey. I’m currently contemplating using soy flour instead of oat flour, for reduced carbs and increased fibers and proteins. any thoughts?


Good luck! Welcome to the club :slight_smile:


Keep us updated on your thoughts of the grittiness with the oat flour!


Considering this is my first recipe, I don’t have anything to compare it against. That being said, I have been drinking it today and I haven’t noticed a lot of grittiness with it. The flavor is actually quite tasty. I do think that I will need at least a little variety on the taste side as time goes on though.

Does anyone have any suggestions on different way to flavor their DIY soylent?


Lots of people is flavor with peanut butter, chocolate, cinnamon, or banana.


Well, I am on day three now and the experience is …interesting. While my current recipe seems to do the job with satiating my hunger, it is starting to cause some stomach issues. One of the concerns that I had with the recipe is the very high level of B vitamins. I am wandering if that is having an affect on my poor gastrointestinal system.

Has anyone had stomach issues due to reasonably high levels of B-vitamins (niacin, etc)? I am wondering if I need to rework the amount of Mega Men Sport I have in my recipe.