My experience creating computer generated DIY Soylent


Short story short: I did some work on an automatic Soylent recipe generator that works in conjunction with the DIY Soylent site, then I mixed one of its recipes up and wrote a blog article about it. I didn’t really write it for Soylenters, but some of you may find it interesting.


That was interesting and its great to have everything available so easily from Amazon.

How about including additional variables:

-A gluten free version (maybe as simple as replacing the oat source)
-Factoring in the preparation time? Is there additional equipment or alternate ingredients that may cost more but would reduce the time to prepare it?


nice article A+ from me!


The app will do its best to make a recipe out of whatever ingredients you give it. If you copy my recipe (or any good recipe for that matter), remove the offending items, maybe add a replacement carb source, you can rerun the app on that and it’ll tell you how much of the new stuff to use.

As for factoring in other things, my recommendation would be to adjust the cost before running the app. Monetary cost maps to a simple penalty in the optimization. If an item tastes better you can say it’s cheaper and it’ll be more likely to be in the final recipe. Likewise if an item is a pain to work with or messes with the texture you can adjust its cost up to reduce its use without removing it entirely.