My experience only eating Soylent for two weeks


I ate nothing but Soylent for two weeks and wrote about my experience. I also have before and after results from a lipid and comprehensive blood panel on the results page. I figured some of you may be interested. Hopefully this is a good place to put a link.


Holy crap talk about a “healthy crash diet”… losing 61 pounds in 2 weeks is tremendous. Of course removing daily alcohol could’ve certainly been a big contributor… still, the end results definitely seemed like an overall improvement. Congrats and thanks for sharing!


Weight loss was 12, it was the cholesterol that was 61. 61lbs in two weeks would be scary, I think.



Post must…


DOH!! My eyes drifted down a row. I blame not having had my Soylent yet this morning. Yeah that’s it. :smiley:


Wow… I didn’t realize cholesterol could go from 247 to 186 (-25%) or that triglycerides could go from 133 to 98 (-26%) in just 14 days? Can these things really move that fast? I made a slight diet change some years back (less red meat) in an attempt to lower my LDL and it seemed that it reversed the upwards trend but that trend continued over a few years giving me the impression these things move slowly. I don’t know how much I’d trust an annual check if things can move that much in 14 days… ?



“On 24 July 2014, I received an email […] So… 12-8+10=14. Dang… I now had to wait 14 more weeks.”
"On 21 October 2014, I received an email stating that my supply had shipped."
So you actually end up waiting 12 weeks after July, instead of anticipated 14.

Just to point out that @Soylent not only over-promised and under-deliver, but sometimes deliver earlier than they have expected with summer delay :wink:


Yes, they do change fairly quickly, depending on diet of course…especially the sugars and fats…