My experience so far

Been using Soylent for a few months now. My initial motivation was the realization that my regular diet wasn’t healthy. Spending huge amounts of time going “what do you want to eat? I don’t know, what do you want to eat?” And eventually settling on eating junk, because it was easy. So far, I love my Soylent. I’m a powder (1.8) user, and all I add to it is a tablespoon of cinnamon. Did 30 days of exclusive Soylent to start of with to make sure I got in some good habits. My GI tract and metabolism has gone through a few adjustments. Soylent probably accountsfor about 90% of my daily caloric intake. Get a bit of ‘negative feedback’ from my guts on occasion when I cheat and eat regular food, which as far as I’m concerned isn’t a bad thing. Also, while I didn’t start Soylent for weight loss, I find it’s been excellent on that front as well. I don’t feel starved, and I find I’m loosing weight at a nice steady rate (about 2-3 pounds a week on average, although that has slowed down a bit since the early weeks). When I started I was around 254 pounds. As of this morning I down to 229 lbs (and that should be at a heavy point in the day…right after breakfast).
Another interesting point I find (I work at a vet clinic, so I can weigh myself very accurately, an awful lot), is I suspect a lot of my fluctuations in weight are related not to actual weight fluctuations, but rather gut fill. For example, after Thanksgiving, (I’m in Canada), my weight went up by a whopping 6 pounds (3 separate thanksgiving dinners), but after about a week, it all came off again. I think we have a tendency to think that what ever we eat is passed through our system in 24 hours. This is definitely not the case, and important to remember when looking at the numbers on the scale.


It’s worth reading about coumarin in cinnamon if you haven’t yet.


Interesting. Certainly see mixed things about it.

Surprised this morning… down to 226 lbs. (3 less than yesterday). No, I don’t think I really lost 3 pounds in a day, just the fluctuations happened to come in opposite directions between my weigh ins, which I’ll call a win :wink:

Edit…wrote wrong… and thought wrong… I’m 228, so one less than yesterday. Still a win,


So this weekend I ended up ‘cheating’ a little more than I normally do. Socially and practically it just made sense to skip Soylent, so I made the call. Rather than getting the majority of my calories/nutrients from Soylent I ate mostly regular food. Boy oh boy are my guts rebelling now… (actually fairly painful). Mostly lots of gas. Friday night I had pizza (usual) then Saturday lunch I was out with my brother so I treated him to McDonalds. Supper was over at my in laws, so I ended up eating with them (Kababs and rice). Sunday breakfast and lunch I was at a continuing education event, which was catered with very yummy food, so I partook in that (in somewhat more moderation than I would in my pre-Soylent days, but still more than probably would be strictly ‘good for me’. Breakfast was bacon and eggs, lunch I had a salad, some pasta and some rice and a yummy custardy thing for desert as well as two coffee breaks. By the time supper rolled around I was starting to pay the price. Mild gut pain. Stuck with my Soylent for supper. Over night woke up a couple times with some very sore guts. This morning passing a fair amount of gas (I know too much information). I suspect my gi flora just aren’t used to the variety so having a hard time dealing.
For now, I’m ok with it. Trying to develop to more healthy habits, and the negative feedback is helpful, but it’s an interesting phenomenon…

Hit 30 pounds of loss yesterday. Nice big milestone… (after going up 4 pounds Monday…definitely a ‘gut fill’ issue)


That is awesome!


Stalled out last week. Halloween not all that helpful (not that I gorged on candy or anything, but had a tendency to eat a lot more socially, which mostly for me mean less healthy. Still didn’t loose any real ground, and I’m guessing probably some loss once gut fill is factored in. (Had a ridiculously yummy cheesy lasagne last night at my inlaws place…mmmm soooo gooood).

Don’t know if you’ve observed this or not, but many of us when we first went on Soylent either mostly or exclusively at the beginning, found that once we ate conventional food again it all tasted out of this world. It was like our palettes had been “reset” or something, and even relatively mundane things tasted just amazing. Which doesn’t help if one is trying NOT to overeat on conventional food. LOL But on the other hand many of us found that we could eat less at a sitting (stomach reducing in size due to not being so full for a while perhaps?) so I guess maybe it’s a wash.

For me, what I find, is I tend to make exceptions for the stuff I really want to eat. If it’s just a meal for the sake of consuming something, then I tend to stick with my Soylent, meaning I really do enjoy the ‘regular’ food that much more. That being said, I do find, at least for the time being I am gravitating more to smaller portions. The challenge right now is striking the right balance with the ‘snacking’, as snacking has always been my downfall. At work, I’ve decided to just abstain. At home I find if I preempt myself with a Soylent before I start snacking, I tend not to snack… but as I enjoy the snacks, I don’t always do what I know is going to help… What I’m aiming for (and don’t always manage) is enjoy a few small snacks, and then wait a bit, if I’m still feeling peckish, then go for a Soylent, that way I get the enjoyment of a snack, but don’t tend to over indulge… it’s a fine line, but if I can strike the balance, I can do it long term.


Was all ready to post how my weight loss had completely stalled out the last couple weeks (which it has), but interestingly, noticed this morning, my belt size went down by a notch today…


Just hit 222lbs, (32 pounds total loss). I’d stalled for a bit, but really in the end I figured with my input calories vs output, id eventually have to continue to loose, so I just continued as I’d been doing, and today was pleasently surprised to see I’d come down more.


220 lbs as of today (almost at the 219lbs mark, but not quite). Accidentally skipped supper last night which may have made a difference.


Noticed I had a bit of a jump in my weight over the holidays.Decided to try going 100% Soylent for the next 3weeks or so…


Pre Christmas I was 219lbs. Post Christmas I was at 225lbs. Today I weighed myself at 216lbs. I suspect most of the Christmas weight was actually ‘gut fill’ rather than real weight.


So, haven’t been so strict this go around. Strangely I get the occaisional feeling like I’m ‘missing’ something. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m not consuming enough. Maybe I’m satiated calorie wise, but my body is wanting something else. (Figure if I don’t get 2000 calories, then I’m really not getting my recommended daily intake of anything else if I’m on exclusive Soylent) What ever it is, It’s definitely different this go around (still on mostly Soylent, but definitely harder to go exclusive Soylent than my first go around,