My experience with Soylent

Sup bro, you Soylent?

I’ve been living that Soylent life for about 4 days now. I go through less than 1 bag a day, 1 scoop at a time. For each scoop I prepare, I supplement it with a scoop of whey powder. Around 1900 of my 3100 calorie/day diet comes from this Soylent + Whey concoction.

Here are my thoughts so far…

  • Taste – if I could describe it, I would say Soylent tastes like the kind of cookies geriatrics reminisce about eating in the old days. That is to say, it isn’t good and it isn’t bad. If you were hungry, you would eat it, but you wouldn’t go out of your way to gorge yourself on it. It tastes neutral in that it seems impossible to get sick of the taste.

  • Digestion – My digestion is actually better than before. I replaced the various protein bars I eat throughout the day with Soylent + whey. I’m experiencing much less gas (virtually none) and much less water retention. My blood glucose is lower as well. Fast blood glucose is 4.4, but 30 mins after a Soylent + whey shake it only goes up to 5.5.

I ended up subscribing for 28 bags a month. It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth it to not deal with all the hassle.

EDIT: If anyone’s interested, here’s my daily diet + blood glucose readings (note that I’m not diabetic but I keep track anyway for athletic purposes)

7am (Wake up) – 1 scoop Soylent + whey – BG @ 4.4
730am – BG @ 5.5
9am (After gym) – BG @ 4.5
930am – 1 scoop Soylent + whey
10am – BG @ 5.2
11am – BG @ 4.5
1145am – 2 boiled eggs + 110g of multigrain bread + 80g cheddar
1210pm – BG @ 5.6
2pm – 1 scoop Soylent + whey
430pm – 1 scoop Soylent + whey
8pm - 230g red potato + 220g beef + 1 boiled egg
830pm - BG @ 7.8
1115pm – 1 scoop Soylent + whey

Should note that this is Soylent 1.5, not Soylent 2.0.

Soylent 2.0 is too pricey and wasteful.

Assuming a scoop of protein is 25g, that’s a huge amount of protein. Especially since you’re also taking eggs, cheese, and beef during the course of the day. I supplement my Soylent with protein also, but only with 25g per day, not the 125g that you’re taking! You must have some special dietary need for all that protein?

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I’m a weightlifter/bodybuilder. The calories in each meal are structured so they’re roughly around 1/3 protein, 1/3 fat, 1/3 carbs. That’s why I like Soylent 1.5 so much. The calories from fat/carbs are more or less equal. I just top it off with some whey and bingo I meet my macros. There’s no gas or water retention or any of the unsavoury mess I feel from eating prepackaged foods.