My Farts Smell of Rotten Egg Yolks


Said my girlfriend after I let a silent gas bomb loose while we were in bed this morning. -I’ve had enough- she said -it’s like I’m sleeping with a dead animal-
I thought it was a very unjust thing to say, specially when I’d been holding back for her sake. Furious, I pulled the sheets over our heads and let the full monster that she had merely sniffed a preview of out.

After hearing the dreadful sound that came out of my anus I began to question if my girlfriend was right after all and there was a bullfrog in bed with us; though, by the sound of it, this dead animal was very much alive. The shriek that followed brought me back from my reverie. She started screaming for help at the top of her longs while struggling in a vain attempt to get away from the stinky blanket prison.

As I felt the hot fermented air inundate the atmosphere I couldn’t hold my laughter at the realization of the conundrum she was facing, as she became aware the more she screamed the more of the pestilent gas she inhaled.

When I finally let us free, she was laughing hysterically and big juicy tears were on her cheeks as she struggled to say -You fucking pig, you made me pee myself-


What a delightfully colorful and dramatic depiction of Soylent farts, we’ve never had a topic like this before (excluding the dozens of others just like it). Comedy gold.

Edit: haiku better.

Trapped under bedsheet
You f***ing pig, I just peed
Soylent farts noxious


Release the Kraken!

Suggesting that Soylent farts smell like rotten egg yolks is an insult to rotten egg yolks.


A rotten egg yolk smell indicates sulfur.

Soylent contains both zinc sulfate and manganese sulfate,
perhaps they aren’t getting absorbed properly?


I’m a month into my experiment with Schmoylent (two meals a day on Schmolylent). Maybe a little extra gas at the start, but none now. And I mean none. My whole GI experience is better now. I won’t be a colorful as Skyliner, but I’d add this – GI joy, if you will – as another big plus for going Soyment/Schmoylent. I think the trick is starting slow and letting your system adjust. Again, I’m still eat a regular meal with my kids at dinner.


To be completely fair, my flatulent pestilence isn’t entirely Soylen’s fault. I’ve been mixing my Soylent with 5 cups of skim milk and 42grams of whey protein. And I’ve been living on this deadly potion for almost 7 days now.

Things seem to be improving though. That, or the toxic vapors made me lose my sense of smell.


This is what is making me curious, Schmoylent doesnt seem to give this problem as much as soylent.


Did you know you can breathe through your nose without smelling things by pinching your septum? The pinching doesn’t do anything, but your fingers partially block the airway and cause the smelly air to flow right past your smell receptors.


I will anecdotally vouch for this finding. Soylent 1.0 gave me noxious gas in huge quantities (I could actually feel my colon inflating it was so fast). Switched to Schmoylent, mega reduction in volume and the smell was standard. I switched back after a week to my last bag of Soylent 1.0 and the gas came back full force that evening. Back to Schmoylent and no more problems.


Just to throw this out there - wild and noxious flatulence from drinking lots of protein shakes is well-known in the bodybuilding/fitness worlds. If you google protein powder farts you’ll find tons of discussion (and speculation about why it happens and how to handle it.)

Be warned, though, the bodybuilding world is a land of much BroScience. The signal-to-noise ratio there tends to be lower than here.


I hope the soylent team really works on this issue(without adding enzymes again, ofcourse). Its the one thing that is reducing its appeal for a lot of people. Maybe they could hire axcho or other DIYers into their team :smile:


That explains a lot, my DIY is heavily based on whey protein and the gas is unequivocally malodorous. If you were to say “the atmosphere of Uranus is deadly to humans” then I would be inclined to agree.


Yes, and Soylent has a LOT of protein in it. I just did a few quick calculations and the amount of protein in one meal of Soylent (670 calories, 38 grams of protein) is equivalent to the protein in:

6.3 eggs
Just under 1/2 pound of hamburger

It’s no surprise it’s causing so much gas. I read somewhere on the forum that they had to put so much protein in because the levels of a few of the amino acids (methionine/cystine/tryptophan) is low, so a lot was needed in order to make it “complete”.


This is not at all true. They use a particular kind of rice protein which is complete.

The chose the amount of protein based on other factors - most likely weighing things likes taste and satiety, and also considering what would be in the shake if they had less protein (i.e., more carbs and oil - it still needs to add up to 2000 calories.) If they had less protein, Soylent would probably have a higher glycemic index, you would get hungry sooner after eating, and a lot of people would be turned off by the macros of a meal with so much carb and so little protein.


I think I remember the post(s) that Zenman is referring to, and as I recall, the actual conclusion of the discussion was that the rice protein has less of a few of the amino acids than other sources of protein but that it was irrelevant because the overall quantity was still high enough. But as you said, that’s not the same as them adding more protein to make up for this, it’s just the reason why the rice protein was more than adequate.

That’s assuming, of course, that the entire discussion was based in some fact about rice protein which I have not verified.


I mentioned this in another thread, but I recently switched brands of whey protein in my DIY from Body Fortress to ISOPURE, and the gas has completely ceased. This could be because ISOPURE is low/zero carb, or the fact that it uses only microfiltered and ion-exchange whey isolate, and no whey protein concentrate.

Do we know the extraction method of the rice protein used in Soylent?


Rice protein is actually high in cysteine and methionine, which are the two sulfur-containing amino acids. Since the RDA for a complete protein is somewhere around 65g and soylent contains 102g of protein, that’s a lot of extra sulfur in the diet. Incomplete absorption of that sulfur, which seems to vary a lot from person-to-person, is the likely culprit for the pungent brimstone farts.


Add calcium. That should fix up sulpur farts proper. I chase my Soylent with a calcium suplement and my farts smell like roses and fresh mown hay (no they don’t but they are less bad).


It actually contains 114g, quite a lot!


My keto DIY has 132 grams of protein and no gas. Maybe it has something to do with excess protein + carbs ?