My favorite comments from the latest Rob AMA on Reddit

What I consider to be highlights from Rob Rhinehart’s AMA on Reddit, 6/19/15

Regarding digestion issues some people have:
"It may be the potassium gluconate. We’ve heard complaints about that and are moving away from that in the next version.

Are they developing a solid verison of Soylent?
“Solid form factor is coming along great actually. I had some yesterday. So good.
A solid form would be nicely portable and convenient but you wouldn’t want to chew something bland so we’re putting in more taste and flavor.”

Different flavors?
“We plan to stick with a relatively consistent nutritional base but we do plan to release different flavors and form factors, as well as easier ways to flavor it yourself.”

When will they lower the price?
“It is a primary goal. We’ve reached huge company milestones in only a year: product improvements, real time fulfillment, international expansion, but I am personally disappointed that we have not yet lowered the price.
I see price reductions as a primary goal, but demand is really strong right now and we can use the money to invest more in R&D. Still, I don’t see what we want to do on the research side as being crazy expensive and I would like to pass on our cost savings to customers sooner rather than later.”

Vending machines?
“Vending machines? Definitely. Airports are the first target.
And yes there are plans for flavor mix ins.”

Canola vs sunflower oil:
“It was taste and nutrition. Our canola oil has high omega-3s (ALA) which we wanted to increase and sunflower has a bit of an off taste that was difficult to mask.”


I’m excited about the potassium gluconate. I am still having death farts with v1.4 and v1.5. I don’t have any issues with my DIY (People Chow). I have no real evidence that this is causing my problem though. I hope they figure this out before I have to go buy more DIY ingredients.

I loved hearing everything that Rob had to say. I wish they would release information like this more often. It makes me feel more comfortable that they know what they are doing.


That’s an understatement.


Me too, you’re not alone.

It’s good to know I’m not alone. I do think we are the minority now though. That is great for Rosa Labs and customers, not so great for you and me. I’m still pretty happy I can use it at 67%.

My favorites:

This is a message that all the backers should see.

I’d like you all to know how grateful I am for everyone’s patience and support ever since we started from scratch. I know we had issues from the beginning and seeing continued positive content from the community really kept us going. I want to say thank you.
And now that we’ve gotten our core business running well you have a lot to look forward to in terms of new products and services. Development is the focus of our business. Thank you for sticking with us. The best is yet to come!

And I like the direction they’re going with this comment. This type of vision has been absent from the nutrition community until now.

Imagine brilliant fields of mobile, modular, photobioreactors, synthesizing food on site, on demand, out of sunlight, water, and air.
It works. Look up “single cell protein”. The problem was petroleum got too expensive. We will use light as an energy source and ambient CO2 as a carbon source. Nitrogen is abundant in the air.
The future is closer than you think.