My first full day without any Soylent


And I feel completely the same.

I’ve been using soylent for 2-3 meals a day for about a 1.5-2 weeks. Yesterday I ended up going the whole day without any Soylent and I don’t feel any different.

There have been a lot of people that have shared stories about going a day without any soylent and feeling awful. I’m wondering if I’m immune to the effects of Soylent. I haven’t seen much benefit compared to what others have seen so I guess It’s not surprising I don’t see the negatives either.


I suppose it mostly depends on how good your normal diet is. I don’t feel particularly better on or off my diy soylent, but I’ve always tried to eat healthily. I just feel less hungry which means I have less sugary snacks when I’m on soylent.


My normal diet wasn’t great. It was almost entirely take out.

Breakfast was coffee and a donut, or occasionally a bagel with butter. Lunch was a turkey sandwich of some kind. Dinner was take out of some kind.

It wasn’t the absolute worst diet but certainly not great at all.


maybe you are immune to the soylent placebo?


That was my thought. In general the placebo affect rarely works for me. Oh well. I guess it’s still easier and cheaper than getting take out all the time.


did you avoid the gas affects too that some are experiencing ?


I did get the gas for a few days. It’s mostly died down though the smell is still there, it just doesn’t waft as much.


I don’t think it’s a placebo effect, as I wasn’t expecting things to go horribly wrong when I was a day short. That being said, you may just have a more durable body than the rest of us. My fiance doesn’t notice much of a difference from switching to Soylent, and she would probably be fine switching right off. But she can also survive eating a meal of just cookies/candy or getting only a handful of hours of sleep. Either one of those and I’d just be done… Haha

Edit: it would actually be very interesting collecting the experiences of everyone who doesn’t notice a difference, on or off.


im right there with you. had regular food and didnt notice anything.

however… I drank a sip of soda after not having soda for 3 weeks. holy cow did my stomach NOT like that.


Personally I kinda doubt that one day off Soylent would yield much difference for almost anyone - other than obvious digestive issues if you have any with conventional food.

But go back to a conventional diet for say a solid week, and see if you notice any change in energy levels, mood, endurance, alertness, etc. I would expect it to tak a little while for the body to “use up” the nutrients in Soylent, probably more than a day. But with a sudden INFLUX of proper nutrition (as when starting Soylent the first time) it seems logical to me that the effects would be noticed very rapidly. But this hypothesis is based entirely on my own logic and nothing else, so could certainly be wrong. =)


I think part of it for me is that even with soylent I haven’t noticed any change in energy levels, mood or alertness. So they could also be why eating conventional food also didn’t make much of a difference.


Yeah it’s all so individual… perhaps your body is just overall better at getting what it needs from whatever you give it, so conventional food or Soylent doesn’t make a huge difference.

Have you noticed any other possibly more subtle things? After a few weeks I realized for example that my eyes were WAY less sensitive to changes in light from a dark room to bright light (like from my multiple computer monitors), and also that when I wake up now I’m simply fully mentally alert the moment my eyes open. There’s no “wake up time” at all anymore. Oh and another subtle thing I realized… my finger nails are growing noticeably faster than usual (I’m a life-long nail biter)


The only subtle thing that might be happening is my teeth may be slightly whiter but I didn’t pay too much attention pre-soylent. My skin may be clearer but that also fluctuated so it’s hard to tell if it’s from soylent or just one of my better couple of days.

I remember reading your posts about improved alertness and sleep and those were the things I was so badly hoping for.


It depends on what muggle food I’m eating. Every time I indulge my craving for junk food or fast food, I am quickly reminded of why that isn’t such a great idea.


This. It’s a food replacement/supplement, not a glass full of narcotics. It’s well balanced, more convenient and (for some) cheaper than regular food… but it’s still food.

Unless you have been eating large quantities of terrible food, have been starving yourself or have some unaddressed medical condition (allergy/intolerance) I wouldn’t walk into a soylent diet expecting miracles… I would expect convenience and the long-term benefits of having a well balanced diet.

I could be wrong, but those expectations are much more realistic.


I agree with you on this. Soylent only improves your health if you were malnurished before starting, like vanclute was. For a healthy person, what he is discribing is most likely their norm, but for him it was a huge difference, being “worse” was his norm :slight_smile:


No Soylent for breakfast today (what I had left was spoiled and had to be tossed). Felt like crap all day. Took a while to realize that this is how I felt most days pre-Soylent. I’m gonna go mix up a fresh batch for tomorrow. :smile:

Three days is pushing it for fresh Soylent. Four days is a no-go.