My First Impressions & Feedback


I’m still patiently waiting for my backer order but I was able to buy some extra Soylent from another backer locally (THANKS!!!). Here are my first impressions and suggestions…

For context I have consumed three packages of Soylent to this point, including a 24 hour period of nothing but Soylent. My goal is a full week on 95% Soylent and then to scale back to 2 meals a day and light snacking on Soylent.


I know this may seem trivial but I feel the box is needlessly big. 30% or more. I’d prefer to leave Soylent in the box until I decide to use it and it takes up a big chuck of my pantry shell space. Ideally the oil bottles would be sealed. Also, it would be nice if the oil boxes were secure in the box instead of lose. Nothing major or deal breaking here, just some nice to haves.

It would also be nice to have batch numbers be more prominent on the packaging. I did not notice but is the ‘version’ number on the package? If not it should be.


I have no problems with the taste of Soylent. In fact it is mildly pleasant. The best way to describe it is something close to the flavor of a vanilla cake batter, although much less potent. In fact my daughter commented on how the unmixed powder smelled like cake batter. Interestingly enough, Soylent tastes and smells the same which can’t be said for many foods.

I planned on trying unaltered Soyent for a day or two and then finding ways to flavor it. Based on my experience so far I have no intent of adding additional flavor.


Well, I’ll get right to it… the texture sucks. I’ll describe what I’m doing to mix it below but the grittiness that others have reported is worse than I thought. The best way to describe the texture it is like having a ton of really tiny chunks of coconut in your drink. I can learn to deal with the texture but there has to be a better way to break down the source into smaller particles.

Letting it sit overnight certainly does help but there is no way to eliminate it (that I have found). It’s not a deal breaker but be prepared to learn to ‘chew’ your drink.


I certainly do feel the increased gas people have described but nothing close to the volume or odor I was expecting based on other posts. The first 24 hours on Soylent did increase my gas enough that I woke up really early (4am) in the morning in slight discomfort but I haven’t has a similar instance since.


I certainly feel more energetic and focused. Prior to Soylent come 2PM I had to fight off drowsiness, and if I was home I would find some time to take a nap. Over the last few days on Soylent I haven’t had the urge. I can say I don’t sleep any better. I toss and turn a lot.

I have lost a few pounds over the last couple of days, even with a 4th of July Soylent break during which I consumed everything you would typically see at an American BBQ. I suspect the weight loss is because of the strict calorie count in Soylent. It is much easier to track than traditional food. I lead a pretty sedentary life, sitting in front of a computer at work and home but I feel the urge to expend energy because I have so much more right now.


Because of the grittiness I mentioned above I have tried a few different ways to mix Soylent. Shaking just hasn’t cut it for me. I tried the blender but was still unsatisfied. The method that has worked the best so far has been a hand mixer. I mix the Soylent in a bowl (like a cake mix) and then pour it into a pitcher for storage. The result is like leaving Soylent to set for a day but it doesn’t get any better. I’ll keep experimenting with it.


I have a 1 month supply of Soylent which should last me longer given my goal of 65-75% Soylent consumption for a while. I’m happy with a lot of facets of Soylent 1.0 and look forward to better texture and less carbs in later versions.

I don’t plan on updating the community on my Soylent experience but I’m happy to answer any questions others might have.




Are you adding the oil when you mix up your Soylent? Some people have reported a smoother texture if they just mix up the Soylent powder with water, then let it sit overnight in the fridge. In the morning, they add the oil and shake, shake, shake before serving.

The theory is that if you have undissolved powder particles suspended in the water, the oil will coat them and keep them from dissolving completely. Letting the mix sit overnight lets those particles absorb more water and reduces the grittiness.

It’s interesting to hear about your first impressions. Please consider posting from time to time to let us know how it’s going. Lots of folks would be interested in your experiences.



Great idea Mike, I’ll give it a try on my next batch and let you know how it works out.


As for packaging, Rosa Labs has said they ordered the cartons before they knew for sure how big the finished packages of Soylent would turn out to be, and they erred (quite a bit!) on the large size. Once they use up the original cartons I expect they’ll be shipping in boxes a lot smaller.


After trying a number of different methods I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that it will be gritty.

Oh well. Not a show stopped.


@Relax: Have you tried a high-speed blender like a VitaMix or BlendTec? They’re pricey blenders, but there really is a significant difference in the quality of the blend.


I recommend BlendTec.(Out of the 2 brands)
Outside of them, I recommend an Oster brand blender. It’s an all-metal drive, unlike most others that have a cheap plastic drive (even vitamix!)


There has got to be something less pricey than $350+ that will work. Luckily for me I don’t mind the gritty taste of my DIY. I haven’t gotten my real Soylent yet. :frowning:

Personally, just the extra effort of cleaning the blender is a deal breaker for me. The wife says I’m lazy, I say I’m efficient!


I’m not convinced there could be that much difference blending liquid in a BlendTec $350 blender vs a KitchenAid $55 blender. On the other hand, if you want to blend a smartphone into your Soylent I’d definitely have to say BlendTec is the way to go.