My first month of soylent


I just posted this update to the notes on my recipe, and thought I’d share it here as well.

####One month update

I have been living on this for a full month now. The first couple of weeks the recipe was a bit spotty as I didn’t yet have all of the ingredients, but I had enough to get started. The last couple of weeks I have been using the full recipe.

So far I have been doing about 90% soylent overall, with most days being only soylent, and occasionally I will have a day with a social meal out. I do expect to have 1-3 traditional meals per week, so going forward soylent should remain about 90% of my diet.
I have liked this well enough to fully commit to it, I currently have a minimum of 3 months ingredients on hand, with a few that will last much longer. I do also have a large supply of Soylent coming, hopefully soon, but at this point I don’t expect to abandon my home recipe to go exclusivity with the official version. I am hoping I like it well enough to keep it on hand as well to supplement my own supply when needed. I expect it will be easier to travel with, as they say it can be mixed on demand, whereas I prefer my mix to sit in the fridge overnight.

So far I am feeling fine, no complaints thankfully, but a few good points. I have noticed my energy being much steadier throughout the day, no more afternoon crashes. Sleep seems to be of a better quality, and getting up is not a problem.
I am not regularly hungry, I tend to have my soylent throughout the day. When I start to feel a bit peckish I will down a few ounces. I no longer experience food cravings, but since I am getting a much more complete diet I guess I’m not all that surprised. No more cravings, for me at least equals no more binging, which I’m sure helps with weight loss and health overall. Not being hungry, and not having cravings, also means I am not missing food, and of that I am glad.

Improving my health was one of the driving forces behind starting this journey. I have a sedentary job, and don’t have a daily exercise routine, but I do try and stay active through some group activities and sports. Weight has been an issue for me since adolescence, although I stay active enough that I think my overall health is better than my weight suggests. I am down 14 pounds in my first month on soylent, so the trend is going in the right direction.


You have 65 grams of shuhgar


I’m not really sure what point your making, or were you asking a question?


Does it taste good with that much sugar? Also what is your reasoning for adding it? I’m sure not all sugar is bad but there seems to a lot of damning evidence against having it in a diet. What are your thoughts?


The amount of sugar is far below the typical diet. I don’t think there is an issue with sugar in an amount this small, and it helps to neutralize the mix and make it more palatable. I also don’t notice spikes or drops in energy that I would expect with excess sugar, no food coma or afternoon crashes.

As a comparison, 2 liters of Coke contain about 216g of sugars. Back when I regularly drank sodas, 2 liters was not a lot.

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