My first recipe... criticism please


Hello all,

This is my first recipe, it is somewhat incomplete and probably has many faults.

I would like to here your opinions about what should be changed and specifically if there are any ingredients that can consolidate some of the individual supplements.

Also you may have taken notice of my obscene amount of Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene) due to the sweet potato flour. From what I’ve read, this shouldn’t have any detrimental effects on your body, but further insight would be greatly appreciated.

My mineral ratios are also off by bit, and I’m having a hard time of getting them in the theorized optimal ranges.


Looks fine at a quick glance.

Just curious here, any reason for not keeping that in DIY Tool?


Actually, I am. I kind of like looking at my excel sheet better, so I just posted that out of habit.


Manganese is not something to fool around with and is best to err on the side of caution with. Excessive amounts over a long period of time can cause serious neurological damage.

There is no need to have your omega 6 that high. It won’t hurt you to have it that high but its just not necessary. Although your omega 6:3 ratio isn’t bad at all.