My friend works for the FDA, so I asked him about Soylent


I would LOVE to have a Soylent cereal. That would be amazing. Though I’m not sure I’d want to eat it in a big bowl of water.


Maybe a cereal based on Schmilk? @axcho, get on that! :wink:


I dunno that I’d wanna go for that. Though tasting primarily like milk initially, after an overnight soak it tasted like I was drinking a cereal box (yes the box, not the contents of the box).


Hm but if the cereal was Schmilk sans milk (and then you add the milk to it like normal cereal), wouldn’t it not be soaking overnight? Anyway the basic idea is to make a cereal that is nutritionally complete only with milk so you wouldn’t be adding water to it! It’s super clever! Someone get on that.


Yeah good point, if you just pour milk & consume… could be a winner. I’m game to try it if someone can figure out how to make it! :smile:


My problem with using soylent (note lower case) as a cereal is that it is much too finely ground. A soylent cereal should have at least the makeup of oatmeal or bran buds. I saw a proposal for that from a company than I don’t consider viable but it’s a good format.



Yeah I think the idea here is to make a cereal-like substance from Soylent, like something flakey or like a cheerio or something. Not to make a malt-o-meal type food.


Yeah I could see myself ordering something like that. Or buying it off a grocery store shelf once @axcho figures out a clever name and ramps up production. No pressure.


Soylent Krispies… now available in green!


This is really an undervalued argument… There are a lot of toxins, carcinogens, etc in most “normal” foods we eat. Most plants in nature wage chemical warfare against the creatures that eat them. Even some of the healthiest foods have bad with the good.

Soylent may miss some optional nutrients, but it almost certainly misses a lot of problems, too.


i’ve been living almost exclusively off soylent for about 8 months now. I feel like my body is being properly fueled, but I am interested in getting bloodwork done to see. Unfortunately, no health insurance at the moment. Hopefully soon enough though!


Exactly! Soylent doesn’t claim to be the ultimate perfect food for every person. It claims to be a nutritious meal for most people, which it is.


I’d wager replacing fast food with Soylent is an upgrade and will result in better health.


That’s one of the reasons I’m trying Soylent, to replace the junk I tend to eat during the day with something that actually makes an attempt to meet nutritional standards. Can’t wait for my first shipment to arrive!


I also find the “may have unknown essential nutrients” argument to be hard to believe. Remember that some of the ingredients in Soylent, such as oats and rice protein and oils, are not single-chemical substances,. These ingredients, which make up the bulk of Soylent, are likely to have a similar amount of those unknown nutrients as traditional food does. This is all rather speculative, but I think the odds are pretty low that 1. anyone would go 100% Soylent long enough to experience a deficiency and 2. such deficiencies will present themselves.


OP ask your friend if Soylent is better/worse than fast food(McDonalds, PapaJohns, etc). Specifically ask him if a individual had extremely limited time and could only choose between those two options for two meals per day which would be better. Thanks in advance.


And further tell him that only a very few people actually do Soylent 100%. There are usually lots of chances for stray nutrients to get into the system.



OP addressed this, I think.


OK. sorry for speaking out of turn, Ric.



Heh! Not speaking out of turn. Thought it was a positive that your concern was addressed. :smile: