My fruity Soylent Mix


Just to be straight, I’ve only been using Soylent mix for about a month and only on a semi regular bases, still eating a meal or 2 a day, but I must admit I’ve seen a difference in my body. Still the same shape and weight maybe even a bit heaver if anything, but my chronic skin problems have started to really clear up, which is why I was trying Soylent in the first place anyway. Only fasting on the Master Cleanser diet (Lemonade mix) did my skin act so positive before. But not just my skin, my brain function seems to be much better and my energy level is up as well. Now I would like to attribute all the positive success to just the Soylent mix itself but in truth I do add several things to the mix, so here goes my recipe; first I add 1cup of water, (normal) a 1/2 can of Trader Joe’s Light canned Coconut milk (hence not loosing any weight) 2 bananas, 1 Mango, 1 cup chopped pineapple, 1/2 cup soy milk and 1 tea spoon vanilla, then all mixed up in a blender, Taa Daa. Thats it. Great Tasting even with out the Soylent Mix but together and my body just seems to function better. I do snack on Sunflower seeds and Almonds, and occasionally some peanut butter, and as I said before I do eat atleast on regular meal a day and not just salads, i.e. burgers and such. Anyway its worked for me and I’m happy.