My going without Soylent experiment


I’ve been on a mostly (well over 50%) Soylent diet since September of last year. And my digestive system has been not the same. With 1.0 it started with bloating and bad gas. I never got to try 1.1 but went directly to 1.2. Gas got a little better with 1.2 but my poop moved from a Bristol 3 to a Bristol 6. This is the problem I’m currently having with 1.4. So I decided to do an experiment to see if it was really Soylent causing the problem.

About ten days ago I decided to go without Soylent until my poo got back to a Bristol 3. This took about a week of eating my old pre-Soylent diet which is mostly Boeing cafeteria food. On Saturday I went back on Soylent. I started with one meal, and then two meals on Sunday. This morning my poo is back to a Bristol 6. I don’t think its a fiber problem because my pre-Soylent diet has even has less fiber than Soylent, and I’ve previously tried adding more fiber to Soylent without success. I have canceled my subscription because of this problem. Which I was hoping not to have to do. I love everything else about Soylent and can’t wait until I can live off the stuff again.