My heads hurts when I'm on official soylent


Ive stopped using my 1.0 because I generally feel bad on it. Im about 210 pounds and 2010 calories seems a tad light. Even on my really stagnant days just hanging at the house working I still feel a pressure in my head. So I’m starting to believe its something that Im getting or something that I’m not getting in the soylent that is making me feel this way. Im going to try it without the oil mix or maybe just canola oil and eat some nuts to see if i’m having a reaction to the fish oil. Has anyone had a similar experience?


Also I have gotten past the digestion phase/ flatulence phase.
I drink a hefty amount of water.
I’ve done about 12 days of soylent total 6 of those days were soylent only.
I drink it chilled over night.
and my head ache starts at about 3-7 a clock and I have to sleep it off to get better, it will not go away if I stay up/ drink more soylent.


I see you have been drinking water. There are a few options here. The first is that there is something in Soylent that your body doesn’t like. This could definitely be the case. The stronger possibility is that you have been low on Potassium and/or the amount in Soylent is too much for you. I’m also assuming, though you didn’t mention it, that you are either not a caffeine addict, or you have continued your caffeine usage? There is a fourth option, which is that you largely consisted on highly sweetened foods and you are having sugar withdrawl.

To me the most likely is potassium. There is more potassium in Soylent than most people get in a day. It is one of the reasons that starting with just Breakfast and adding slowly is good. It gets your body used to elevated blood serum levels of potassium. When I started People Chow, I hade a very low grade headache on and off for a couple of days which eventually passed. If you aren’t active, you could try doing something slightly active and see if it reduces the headache. Activity consumes potassium so it is worth looking at.


I will try that. I will say my mornings are PHENOMINAL! I dont drink any coffee or canfinateed beverages. I dont really eat a lot of sweet stuff, although, I know bread, rice, and things of that nature are high in natural sugars, so I can’t really say whether I know for a fact that I’m crashing on sugar. I can say when I’m on soylent I have a steady energy level. So that might cancel out the sugar hypothesis or it might not, but I think that easing into it is probably a good start.


Add 1 gram of non iodized salt… That will solve your headache :slight_smile: if you havnt done that already.


One gram to my whole days batch? or to each meal? @Tordenskjold


I add 1/4 Tsp. of kosher salt to one day’s worth of Soylent.


Doesn’t have to be “kosher” just has to be non-iodized, which kosher salt aparently is (=non-iodized) reason it had to be non iodized is because Soylent already contains plenty of iodine and you risk getting too much by adding more :slight_smile:


Do you intend on using salt permanently with soylent or just until your body gets used to it? @casssax @Tordenskjold


Sorry, forgot about the sodium. Regular Soylent is currently (they are planning to address this which @rob posted about) low on sodium. So until the new version comes out, you will need to add 1g or 1/4 Tsp of uniodized salt to a pitcher of Soylent to get more like the required amount. The alternative would be to eat a handful of salted nuts or so per day (find out how much give you 1g of sodium and eat that).


Those who do 1/4 tsp will probably stop supplementing with saly when the new version of Soylent comes out (which provides 100% RDA sodium).

Edit: @TegidTathal beat me to the punch, haha


Like the others said, currently Soylent doesn’t contain enough sodium. So if you only eat Soylent you need to add the salt.

Currently the bag contains 1050mg sodium in total and you need closer to 1500 or more depending on how much you sweat :slight_smile:

I really wish that everyone got an update via email or something about the low sodium, since not every Soylent user is reading the forums or even if they checked it, they might not notice @rob 's post

@rob this thread points out a need for a mass email to everyone who has received their Soylent and those who are going to receive it, giving them a heads up to add the salt until the official Soylent has been adjusted.


I added a 1/4 tea spoon of mortons regular (un-iodized) salt to my full days batch. I will put out an update at night to see if that helped. @Tordenskjold @TegidTathal @livingparadox @casssax @vanclute


if it doesn’t work, you might need a little extra if you been slightly deficient for some days :wink: just to get back to normal levels faster. perhaps a half gram to a gram if you don’t feel better after like an hour or two.


Most American’s at least get a lot more than the RDA in a given day (someone here linked to a paper which basically said the RDA is crap and too low and that most American’s get significantly more, but within what appears to be the actually correct range). The only reason to NOT add a little more than 1/4 tsp is because of flavor.


It’s also easy to take salt on the side if you don’t want to change your Soylent’s flavor. Drink it in a shot of water.


“Symptoms of hyponatremia (low sodium) include nausea and vomiting, headache, confusion, lethargy, fatigue, loss of appetite, restlessness and irritability, muscle weakness, spasms or cramps, seizures, and decreased consciousness or coma.” --Wikipedia

Official Soylent has only 45% RDA of Sodium…

It’s kinda silly because we all associate high sodium with ill health, but the truth is in the olden days people used to die from hyponatermia all the time. Sodium is absolutely essential.


Ok so a little update I bought a 1/4 teaspoon used it for a batch then lost it immediately after. So today I just eyed an amount that looked like alittle more than 1/4 teaspoon. So yesterday the exact 1/4 of salt was better, I still got an extremely slight pressure in my head. So today I added a touch more. It did the trick


I agree with Tordenskjold. I have been using Soylent on and off because I was having issues with the transition due to headaches and taste issues. I finally decided to see how people were taking it on Discourse and have come across tons of useful information with the biggest being the salt addition. An email would have been nice. But now I know. Thanks for the tips.


I wonder if Rob has had headaches. One of the major reasons for attempting to buy soylent for me was that Rob has tested it for so long. So, either he isn’t using soylent for many of his meals or his recipe is different or he just doesn’t have the same sodium needs as the average person.