My journey on Soylent

I’m a new user to Soylent. I found out about this product searching for “meal replacement” shakes. I watched a few video reviews and decided to order a week supply.

I’m a full time engineering student with a part time internship. I am constantly pressed for time which leads me to eat out and buy snacks daily. I know I can cook at home more, but the only thing I hate more than cooking is shopping at the grocery store. So I decided to try Soylent as a way to have a completely balanced meal in the morning and on the go when I am running from school to work. I do plan on eating “solid” food (homecooked) a few times per week to add variety. I may eventually go to 100% Soylent, but for now I plan on about 80/20 split.

I have only tried 1.4 so I dont know what previous versions were like, but I think Soylent is working out to be a good fit for me. My initial impressions of Soylent 1.4:

-Soylent is NOT bad tasting. I chug Muscle Milk daily and Soylent is just as good, if not better, imo.

-It tastes like diluted oatmeal. Sort of like maple brown sugar oatmeal with butter and then blending with milk until it is the consistency of a protein shake. I love oatmeal so the taste works for me. It does get a little slimy after 24 hours in the fridge, but Muscle Milk is far worse in that regard.

-The 48 hour batch life (refrigerated) makes a full batch excessive considering I still mix in regular food. Soylent isnt overly expensive, but I would hate to have to throw out part of a batch. I’m on day 3, but just finishing my 2nd bag to give you an idea of how fast I go through it.

-Soylent is filling. I am a pretty big guy myself so I questioned the ability of a liquefied “food” like Soylent to fill me up. It does. A 20 oz glass of Soylent leaves me completely stuffed. I question anyone who says otherwise. If someone isn’t full after a tall glass of this heavy, dense fluid, my suspicions are that they are mentally unsatisfied, not physically.

-Soylent may have the passive benefit of helping me lose weight through simplicity. I can’t think of a easier way to keep track of calories. Caloric intake is directly proportional to the amount of fluid ingested. No guesswork. Again I want to add that my original purpose was not weight loss, but I am tracking my weight as part of monitoring my health while on Soylent.

If anyone has and questions or comments, please post them !


Welcome aboard. Your motivations and experiences are echoed by a lot of us around here. Sounds like Soylent is perfect for you, enjoy! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! Hope Soylent is a great fit for you!

Ok, now I’m really starting to get excited. Today is day 5 of my new 80/20 Soylent nutrition and I’m starting to notice some of the benefits I’ve seen on other blogs. The first night on Soylent I slept a hard, deep sleep that literally left me drained when I woke up. I’m not sure if I was extra tired or my body was adapting to the new nutrient intake, or if my body was starting to repair damage or what. But day 2 I felt wiped out. Day 2 I had 3/4 of a pitcher, 2 strawberry yoplait yogurts and a bowl of Golden grahams. Buy evening of day 2 I was starting to regain my energy.

Then on Day 3 the craziest thing happened! I woke up around 5:30am FULL of energy. Not the Red Bull kind (I’ve had dozens), but constant, smooth energy. I tried to force myself to go back to sleep because I normally wake up around 6:30, but I couldnt so I studied for my machine design II quiz. I was able to concentrate fully and I feel like I remembered a lot more on the quiz and I think I did really well. I think having a full nutrution diet(Soylent in this case) helped my memory and focus.

Day 4 and again i woke up around 6am, which I NEVER do and again I felt good! I had Soylent for breakfast and lunch and for dinner I had a left over pork steak and a bowl of Good Mornings Waffle Crunch cereal. I did housework and studied with good pacing. I forgot to mention I had a incredibily realistic dream the night before which rarely happens. It was vivid.


I prefer the taste of Soylent the same day, after being chilled for about 3 -12 hours. I’ll drink it after having it overnight, but it sort of absorbs more and more and becomes smoother as it chills. I kind of like that oatmeal type finish(grit) that I get when the batch is fresher. So I have been making half batches. 4 scoops of Soylent, then 8 scoops of water.

My poop STINKS to high heaven! It smells really bad. I’ll continue to monitor this. It smells like baby poop. I haven’t had any issues with flatulence though, thank goodness.

Has anyone had issues with lifelike dreams while on Soylent? I’m going to research if there is a connection with diet and dreams when I get time.

Was my diet THAT bad or is Soylent that great? My diet before Soylent usually consisted of a breakfast burrito or MuscleMilk , lunch from Wendy’s, Boston Market, KFC, Subway, McDonalds, etc. Dinner was usually cereal, take out china, frozen pizza. Well actually looking back on it my diet pre-Soylent was pretty bad, lol. I’m starting to believe I have been nutritionally deficient in a lot of areas, and Soylent is starting to plug those holes.


Yep same experience here though for me it started the very first morning. I’m normally a total night owl, and for the first couple weeks on Soylent I flipped and was heading to bed by 9/10PM and waking up instantly ready to go by 7am at the latest, several times I woke up at 4 or 5 and felt fantastic. Instant alert… no foggyness whatsoever.

Now, I’ve mostly slipped back to my old ways, except I still get up by 9am at the absolute latest and most mornings I get up around 6:30 to 7, even if I stayed up until 2am. And I never have any “get going” time. The moment my eyes open, my brain is completely ready to go. Like right now, I’ve literally been awake for less than 15 minutes. But except for a tiny bit of sleep still in my eyes… you’d never know it.

Absolutely, many of us have noticed the same. Insanely vivid… full color, sound, smell, all sensations… dreams are absolutely amazing now. I haven’t had a genuine nightmare since starting Soylent, but I can only imagine that whenever I finally do, it’s gonna be a doozy!! LOL

Most likely - yes. :wink:

I haven’t experienced anything like any of those accounts, in three months of mostly Soylent.

The difference in nutrient content from your former diet to Soylent probably wasn’t as extreme as some.

Your dreams is likely a combination of the B vitamins and the way you are waking up. Sleep cycle has everything to do with if you recall your dreams (everyone dreams every night, with few exceptions) when you recall your dream it is because you wake up while or right after you were dreaming… If you wake up later, then you would be less likly to remember it.

Keep us updated :slight_smile:

I guess I need guidelines on maintaining a bad diet so I get the most transformative experience possible when switching to Soylent.


What’s with the attitude? I don’t get why you’re always so snarky when it’s not called for.

For what it is worth, I really read that as a joke, and not as snark. I could be wrong, but I thought it was a witty observation, “crap, wish my previous diet had been crappier so i could experience those vivid dreams, diffence in morning grogginess, etc.”


Ah… doesn’t read that way to me in the slightest, but hey maybe I’m wrong. The difference is tense. Yours is past, hers is present, which to me indicates snark.