My Ketosoylent needs magnesium, sodium, chloride, and phosphorus sources


I’m now definitely sure that I’m losing >1lb/week on my ketogenic Soylent, which is roughly a thousand calories of medium-chain triglyceride oil plus whey isolate plus dextrose and maltodextrin plus an unholy assortment of vitamin and mineral supplements. There are no oats.

The main sticking points I face now, and on which I need your advice, are:

  1. Magnesium. I bought magnesium citrate powder, but adding that to the mix produced crazy amounts of foam and I fear the implied chemical reactivity. What is a more inert form of magnesium to add? I’m currently taking tablets but would strongly prefer fewer pills. Target level is 600-700mg/day.

  2. Sodium. Adding salt in anything like the daily RDA makes my Dietary Replacement Fluid taste amazingly horrible. I’ve been eating table salt out of the palm of my hand. Target level is at least 2g.

  3. Chloride. By a similar logic I can’t directly add chlorine from salt, though some of that comes along from my choline chloride. Being able to add this would also be helpful. I think I’m supposed to be getting 1g/day.

  4. Phosphorus. Calcium is in general a dangerous supplement to take, since it seems that calcium supplements lead to heart disease even though increased dietary calcium apparently does fine. I’m hesitant but may end up taking my calcium in the form of hydroxylapatatite, aka bone meal, in the hopes that this will be similar to a form of calcium my ancestors ate. This will add some phosphorus, but when I’m taking in a daily dose of 1g calcium, this will correspond to only 500mg phosphorus from this source. Monosodium phosphate has a horrible-taste problem similar to salt. No, I can’t get it from oats. And if someone knows a super-safe calcium source that would not go amiss either.

  5. Potassium. I can handle a teaspoon of potassium citrate, which is about 1.8g of potassium, with no problem. Adding a tablespoon of potassium citrate, to meet the suggested minimum daily intake, makes my Dietary Replacement Fluid taste downright metallic. Any ideas? (Potassium chloride does not work for taste, just like salt doesn’t.)

Many of these issues revolve around intolerable flavors from large doses or traditional sources. My Soylent is liquid, not goop. I have not yet experimented much with adding flavors to my DRF. Currently I rely on the sugary taste of the dextrose, plus a quarter-cup of orange juice (containing natural fructose, ick), plus a small amount of stevia, plus squeezing in a fresh lime. I haven’t tried anything to do with chocolate or cinnamon. Keep in mind that this stuff is primarily fat, in the form of medium-chain triglyceride oil, with a leavening of whey isolate and dextrose. Not sure how cocoa or cinnamon would go with that, I haven’t really tried to optimize taste so far.

I’m getting neck and shoulder pain that I’m worried might be a nutrient deficiency. Can anyone recommend a cheap source of full-spectrum blood tests for nutrient levels?

Your help and experience would be much appreciated. Trying things at random is kinda expensive.


Swanson brand sunflower lecithin contails “41%” of the daily value (I wish they’d included the weight), Concentrace mineral drops aren’t very reactive but your target amount might negatively impact your taste profile (I’m not sure)


How much of these sugars is there in your soylent? I am quite supprised to see carbs in a keto soylent!
Generally, keto diets aim for 20 gram of carbs a day, though some people are able to stay in ketosis on up to 50 gram of carb in a day.