"My Life With The Soylent Cult"


My Life With The Soylent Cult


He is a little late to the Soylent is a cult bandwagon. I still don’t think we have decided on ceremonial dress or official chants, though.

In reality, he seems fairly positive about Soylent as a food, and less positive about other things to do with Soylent. (whatever he perceives those to be)


robotic personalities of some of the people you read in the Soylent discussion groups

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I’m not a huge fan of his argument that the philosophy of Soylent is to chain people to their plows/production lines/desks. The time I spend not cooking isn’t work time that’s recouped, and I speak about work time as something of an expert as I work ~2,700 hours a year +/- a bit in professional services, but it’s relaxation time that I can spend doing something I enjoy rather than something I’m ambivalent about, and compared to some Soylenteers being ambivalent about cooking is on the moderate end of the spectrum.

On the other hand, he’s got this 100% correct:

The mere preference of choice frees it from all the criticisms that the haters love to point out.

Not to sound like an [evil] Silicon Valley Elite, especially as I live in Ohio, but the inability of some people to live and let live boggles my mind.


I classify this guy as an out-and-out Soylent supporter. The company does seem to support the philosophy of work goes first, but I don’t think it sees us as potential drones ( Oops! I just realized that “drones” no longer means anonymous worker bees; It means anonymous shooters from the sky.)
We can accept this philosophy or not, and RL doesn’t really care.


I like the convenience of Soylent while being healthy, aaaaaaaand…that’s about it.

There are no other cultish-requirements that I have seen beyond enjoying the product.



"obsessed with peak efficiency"
Really? I doubt that describes too many of the folks here…
Sad that so many people are given that impression… (or the impression that you need to go 100% Soylent etc)


I’ve been eating Soylent since near the beginning, and I’m one of the least efficient people you’ll meet. Cooking just happens to be one of the kinds of work I don’t really want to do. All this not-cooking time I’m saving? I’m probably reading.


" hate having to think about what I’m going to have for breakfast or lunch or when it’s time to put together a grocery list and my wife asks me what I want for the week. It would be nice if I could just scoop some powder into a cup with water and get everything I need from it. "
This is exactly it. For me though it’s my husband who grocery shops and I dred that Sunday morning “is there anything you want me to get you at the grocery store?”


If I have an hour for lunch:

a) Leave the office, go to “restaurant” (10 mins), order & receive food (5-10 mins), drive back (10 mins), eat (10 mins). 20mins of “free time” remain. it probably cost between $8-15. And it likely isn’t very healthy, and it likely is somewhat unhealthy.

  • b) Bring my own lunch (20ish mins of preptime morning/night), eat lunch at desk (15-20 mins, depending on hot or cold). 40mins of “free time” remain. Cost is between $3-6. Possibly healthy, probably not very nutritionally balanced though.

  • c) Make Soylent 1.5 night before (10-15 mins, includes washing), Drink soylent for lunch (5-10 mins, or less if you’re a chugger). 50-60 mins of free time remain, because you can goof off while drinking Soylent. Costs $2-3, depending on additives.

I could work while drinking soylent, as I’m not devoted to lunch, or I could use the extra time to “relax.”