My Mana Drink Review

I bought my first batch of Mana Drink, twelve bottles for thirty Euros and it was delivered very quickly, considering it came from the Czech Republic. First impressions were good. It’s a tetrapak bottle with a solid plastic top. I chilled my first bottle in the fridge. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Difficult to pin down the taste, it’s like a vanilla oaty flavour and quite pleasant. First bottle filled me up for ages, easily six hours before I ate again.

I don’t aim to drink it full time but it’s great for the times my wife is at work or out and I have to fend for myself. If I am working, I don’t want to break concentration to make a meal, Mana is perfect for me. I’m prety much useless in the kitchen and rely on my wife to cook so Mana solves all my problems.

I have tried several European soylents and Nutrilent was the best tasting of them all. I don’t know what’s happening with Nutrilent, their web page keeps saying there is a restructuring going on and they are not shipping. However, Mana comes a close second where taste is concerned.

I did have concerns about maltodextrin as a carb source, particularly how it would affect my blood sugar. I tested my blood before and an hour after consuming a bottle. I was actually very surprised that it didn’t have much of an affect on my sugar levels at all. Of course, I wish they didn’t use maltodextrin, I just have a really negative attitude towards it. The fact it seems to have a low GI index is great for me. Some of the European soylents did affect my sugar levels but Mana doesn’t.

I ordered a box of sixty bottles which were shipped on the Thursday and recieved on the Monday, which I was chuffed about. Believe me, sixty bottles, comprising twelve in each smaller box, is quite heavy. Next time I’m going to order the maximum 108 bottles for 230 Euros which is going to keep the shipper on their toes.

The drink is obviously a little dearer than the powder but beats the powder for convenience. Unscrew the top and off you go. I had a few issues of shakers leaking into my bag but I can carry the bottle with no concerns, it’s robust enough to handle the knocks and bashes of my bag getting thrown about.

I’m not an expert on nutrition and would welcome any comments on nutrition from the more knowledgeable users. I take it as given that each bottle has 20% of the daily nutrition.

I like the product and I like the company and would recommend Mana Drink. It ticks all the boxes for me.