My May 2017 Soylent 2.0 leaves an Ensure aftertaste in my mouth

Have been subsisting on 2.0 Cacao, Nectar, & Original since February and it’s been great. Until this month. A week into drinking my May supply I developed an oddly familiar stomach reflux odor/taste in my mouth and it took me nearly a day to identify its familarity. When I was a new mother I sometimes fed my toddler Pediasure and it never set well with him, he often wretched it back up. And aha, this is the same scent I’m getting via stomach to mouth from my May batch of Soylent :confused:

It’s official, for some reason my May experiences with Soylent = nausea.

In fact most foods have caused nausea the last couple weeks. The only safe foods have been toast and dry shredded wheat cereal.

Have taken two pregnancy tests and they’ve come back negative.

Maybe it’s a personal problem unrelated to Soylent.

Jotting down my thoughts here like an ongoing Soylent journal if you will.


I’ve been on 100% 2.0 for the last six weeks, and if anything the aftertaste has improved, no doubt completely due to me becoming used to it. Obviously something is going on with you if your response to almost all foods has been altered. I don’t know if seasonal allergies can have such an effect. It’s good that you’re keeping notes.


Is that a little bile that is coming up for you? A touch of acid indigestion? If so, that is pretty common and I would guess nothing to worry about unless it is persistent or severe.

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Update…Thankfully the “Ensure/Pediasure” aftertaste is no longer happening, and no more nausea either. The month of June has been fantastic. I’m energetic & FOOD-FREE!

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Could be due to a minor formulation change…or the high fat content triggering a side effect…I know when I first tried the “Bulletproof Diet” (very high fat + protein) I experienced strange side effects,and was told it was likely due to the high fat intake, my body wasn’t used to taking it, at least not all in one sitting (ate within an 8 hour window…intermittent fasting) and Probiotic Enzymes helped me greatly,