My Mom Isn't Convinced


If his school uses the same system mine did, it was money put on your school account, attached to your school ID. This means its not useable outside the school system.


Hey everybody, I’ve been reading comments over the past few days as they hit my email, and I’ve done some more talking with my mom. It’s time to jump back into this conversation.

Where did the assumption that I gorge excessive amounts of fast food and soda come from? I stated above that I eat mostly bread products and chicken. As for being malnourished, it’s certainly a possibility, and I don’t doubt it either. A lot of people in a lot of countries (Even America) are malnourished. Eating correctly is a problem even in civilized countries.

My mom is still refusing to look at any videos I link her to, but she did do some Googling herself. She sent me a link to an article which I think is pretty outdated - and biased - article speaking against Soylent. One valid point that the article did have, however, was that one of the ingredients in Soylent is Wheay. Whear is often used by body-builders and can cause insulin spikes. I’m not sure which V.0 of Soylent this was, but it was honestly a little scary to read that. I am confident that this has been or will be fixed.

I’m planning to do as said above. I’m going to wait for the 1.0 formula to come out and then schedule an appointment with the appropriate doctor. It seems like I am making some progress however.

Does anybody know if Soylent still contains Wheay?


Forgot to mention: I never told her how much Soylent costs, that’s not really the issue right now. Her thought process is basically" It’s goign to kill him"


Nothing in Soylent will cause dangerous insulin spikes.

Dr. Pi-Sunyer, Professor of Medicine at the Columbia University Institute of Human Nutrition and Co-Director of the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center
Balaji Srinivasan, Co-Founder and CTO of Counsyl, one of the first large-scale applications of genomics in medicine
Chris Running, CEO of CytoSport / Muscle Milk

These fine fellows are advisors to the Soylent crew. Specifically Dr. Pi-Sunyer. His reputation is impeccable. I highly doubt a renowned doctor is going to put his reputation at stake on a product he doesn’t enthusiastically stand behind.

Get your mom to the forum. We can answer any questions and provide any information she needs to make an educated decision, and if she wants, she can PM any of the forum users, or even the staff. The community here is receptive.


its only for the macros right now, but that is what they’ve shared so far for their Soylent 1.0 nutrient breakdown. There are a lot of people ‘against’ Soylent, but most of those lack any sort of science or medical background, and tend to be people who love food, and love to cook.


yeah… it’s unfortunate, but a lot of the current media on Soylent is pretty sensationalist. And the formula for “interesting, view-generating article” is usually “This guy thinks XXX??? Interesting idea! Here’s the # things he DOESN’T want you to know! Hardcore interracial low APR%!”

I’d point her to one of the series where someone actually does Soylent for a while, and writes about the experience. Just not the Vice one, because they’ve sort of taken a few things out of context, and not the ones from the official blog, because I have to admit, those can stand out as a little cherry-picked for bias. The Ars Technica series could be your best bet – he gives it a fair chance, experiences both positives and negatives, and writes in enough detail to provide actual knowledge on what it’s like.

And of course, if she wants to make a post on the forums, “My son wants to do this stuff – how can it really be good for him?”, this is one of the more rational internet forums I’ve yet to see, and she’ll almost certainly get some well-reasoned responses if she’s willing to discuss the matter.


I’d argue that the Vice one was written pretty well, the video it came mentioned how they didn’t like it due to the social nature of their food. Vice said it was a good idea, but he missed going out and eating with his friends, and felt excluded when drinking Soylent, so he stopped going out, which to me sounded like his number 1 reason for not liking Soylent.


This doesn’t exactly say you are eating a well balanced diet and does lean toward the “empty calorie” side of things. You didn’t say what kind of snacks you eat but I’m betting not carrot sticks.[quote=“Rick, post:21, topic:10350”]
Supersize Me gets people thinking about nutrition, but unjustly demonifies fast food. After watching Supersize Me, see Fat Head, a reaction to Supersize Me.
I agree it is a bit sensational and I have not scene Fat Head but will give it a look.
My overall message to our your friend is that he needs to start to find balance and if drinking Soylent is a way to get him on that path I wish him well.


The Vice one is great in a few parts – I think the guy writing it definitely has some good points – but so much of the phrasing and order of description in it paints a really negative picture. The very first paragraph describes his feeling absolutely terrible as a direct result of Soylent, and it isn’t until a single sentence buried halfway through the article that he comments that it was really just dehydration, and with water he “immediately felt better”.

So I guess what I’m saying is that the Vice article isn’t inherently bad, but it’s not the one I’d show someone who is already looking for negatives: it’s just way too easy to find things out-of-context in that article, and a basic skim is likely to showcase all the bad things (rats, mold, feeling terrible, no social life), and fly over the solutions (new production environment, dehydrated, only-occasional soylent option).


Try the Arstechnica article, it’s pretty balanced. Or, for a thoroughly enthusiastic, try the 4 Hour Week one.


Rick, Thanks for sharing the link to the Fat Head film. He made some good points about things I have often suspected. While he pretty much debunks Supersize Me in many ways, I still think an all fast food diet is less than ideal. I also agree it is personal responsibility to eat in a way that makes you feel your best and allows you to function at optimum levels. A restaurant we go to has great hamburgers but they are huge. I learned I can order the kid burger and get the toppings I like, and it is on a smaller bun. The portion is right for me.


There is no whey in Soylent 1.0, instead brown rice protein is being used.

I had a “friend” (who I am kind of mad at now) tell me I am going to die drinking Soylent too.


Bear in mind that this friend is probably just worried about you - ey might well have your best interests at heart, and you simply differ on how to achieve those best interests!


I suppose you are right, he could have expressed it better, but yeah, I see your point Smaug. I would have liked him to be more supportive. I’ve gotten mixed reactions.

My mom responded to Soylent by cooking a bunch of meals and freezing them for me. She is concerned too, but she gets it. She can see the positive side to soylent. Same with my dad, though I think he is concerned too. They just love us and want us to be healthy.


That’s great to hear! I guess now it’s just a matter of waiting for the 1.0 formula to actually get released, which I hope is soon because I’ve noticed myself feeling weak somewhat recently. Not sure if that’s from my diet, it could be due to not getting enough sleep.


They have released the macronutrient overview

Just waiting for the micro.


I saw that. After the micro is released, will the combination be the full list of ingredients?

EDIT: Nevermind, just saw it’s a series of 3 posts.


It sounds like you have celiac disease. Look at the Chicago celiac research center. If you want to find out the food your allergic to without guessing… Take the 184 allergy test… If you want more info… Just email me.


You shouldn’t toss around diagnoses of serious illness to people based on a single forum posting. His doctor is already involved, and that’s all we should worry about.

Still, @oldwizardeyes , bring in your mother. She’d be welcome here, and we’d be happy to dispel any concerns.


Actually, we KNOW oldwizardeyes doesn’t have celiacs because he couldn’t defecate. If he had celiac’s it would be quite the opposite.