My monthly shipments have stopped but I'm still being charged



Sorry to post this kind of stuff in a forum, but I’ve sent three inquiries throughh the “contact us” form on the and never received a response.

I was one of the early kickstarter backers. I recieved my initial 7-bag order back in November. I really liked it, so I signed up for a monthly (28-bag) reorder subscription, the first of which I recieved about a week later.

But then my December monthly shipment never arrived, despite the “manage” portal showing I was billed the $255 for a monthly order. Now January rolls around, and my credit card (as well as the “manage” portal) is showing another $255 charged.

Please help. I really like Soylent, and want all the 28 x 2 bags of Soylent that I was billed for. I’m just not sure what happened. My address on the portal is correct, and I recieved my initial reorder of 28 bags in November without problems.


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Currently we are experiencing a technical glitch which reverts the billing dates on certain subscriptions. We are aware of the issue and hopefully it will be resolved in the near future.

…is what I was told.


Same thing happened to me, no response after 3 emails.


Yup, I was charged for my December subscription on 12/18, never received my shipment. Contacted customer service twice before finally receiving a response five days after my inquiry. Was told it would ship “this week.” That was Monday. Friday rolls around, no shipment. I’ve been sending emails, and no response.
I’ve been supplementing 2 of my 3 meals a day with Soylent and have been singing its praises to everyone I talk to (don’t I feel stupid now). And now I’m seriously concerned about physical issues associated with going off it so quickly. I understand it’s a new company, but how do you create a multi-million dollar start-up overnight and not realize you need to first and foremost take care of your subscribers? Hire a good customer service team, and start overnighting the orders people paid for. I work in customer service myself, and this is absolutely the only ethical solution at this point. @Soyent


This is the exact reason why they’re running into issues. Most start-ups aren’t even close to “multi-million”, nor have demand close to what is expected of RL at this point.

I know it’s annoying (I’ve run into some minor supply delays myself), but be patient. They’re ramping up production swiftly as well as bolstering their support teams to take care of issues like this. Even a top-tier company has to take weeks to respond to a surge in demand, as far as permanent staffing and supply chain issues.


I’m in the exact same situation.

Also missing my December and January order of 28 bags of @Soylent, both of which I have now paid for. I’m out over $500 with nothing to show for it. Monthly subscription started in November without any issue and was very happy with how things went until now.

Multiple attempts at making contact through email and the “contact us” form have been unsuccessful. I’m still waiting on a reply to my original email from the almost a month ago.

Any idea what the hold up is?




What I don’t understand is how they were able to ship two of my subscription months’ orders, but then completely fail on the December one. Yet they’re saying they’re shipping orders that were placed in August (I ordered in May and waited til the end of October for my first shipment).
The first thing they should’ve done with their millions was hire a good customer service team. I don’t mind waiting if I am given the respect of an explanation, not just complete silence and/or form letters with what, at this point, come off as completely empty apologies. I waited more than five months in the beginning patiently because they told me from the beginning it would take awhile, then when it took even longer than that, they had the courtesy to notify me.
This is clearly a screw-up on their part, yet they’re not communicating. If I had known there would be an issue, I would have rationed my order accordingly. I spend (and have spent at this point) the majority of my food budget on Soylent, and that money is now gone, yet I have to now try to figure out how to budget for solid food, with no idea of for how long. It’s much easier to be patient when you know what to plan for.


yeah, I was billed for my january shipment last wednesday and no shipment.


There are growing pains and then there is ineptitude. At this point I am leaning towards the latter. Linking billing to the shipping process shouldn’t be very difficult.


Rather than just add a me too (even though “me too”) my last batch had a rather off odour when the powder was first opened. Thought nothing of it really because when mixed it seemed pretty well back to usual. Now though since I’m missing Soylent that I have been billed for / not shipped I’m wondering if the two are perhaps connected. Bad batch? Anyone else detect any off odours in their last batch?


Me too. Last 3 months I got mine out of L A in 3 days, this month nothing for 9 days now.


I got my initial shipment in december, upped to 14 bags, billed last week wednesday and then …nothing. No tracking number or anything. Sent a email the day before yesterday and no response yet…


edit: I got an email from soylent about their recent funding with plans for increased customer service and manufacturing to meet demand… perhaps because I tagged Soylent.
I mean, I knew about this, and I’m willing to wait it out. Hopefully this will be the last major speed bump because it’s really testing our trust here.


The community thanks you. :wink:


I sent an email 2 days ago about my lack of soylent this month. I started getting my subscription in October (ordered previous April). I got November and December just fine, but This month I got billed, but no shipment or tracking info. I didn’t even think to follow up until 10 days after being billed, because I got an email saying how they just got a bunch of money to make shipping and customer service better.

@Soylent - I love your product, pleas get all the other things around it working better!!!


I’m in a similar boat, was charged for my monthly supply on January 14, have yet to receiving a shipping notification. @Soylent


I too haven’t received my subscription after being charged on January 14.

I’m generally pretty understanding of Soylent’s growing pains, but I’m starting to get frustrated.

I’ve seen a lot of general complaints on this discussion board recently, but do we know the facts about the recent stoppage? It would be good to know if a) everyone has been affected b) when exactly Rosa Labs stopped fulfilling subscriptions.

Has anyone received shipment info after being charged on Jan 14 or later?


Made a reorder on Jan 2 and still nada. One guy on here told me he got a reply back via E-Mail but that’s the only one.

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Charged January 9th, has yet to ship.

Hey @soylent, please give us an update!


Same here. Charged Jan 15 for my two-week-per-month supply. Been subbed since Oct with no issues until now. 39 days since my last shipment. No response from last two inquiry emails.

@Soylent, what gives?