My New Soylent Blog!


Okay, I’m beyond excited. Today begins a year of nothing but Soylent. I’ve started a blog called [][1] where I’ll be posting updates and videos of my one-year odyssey.

*Please follow my blog :blush:

In the tradition of @chris_bair, I’ve posted my very own The-Making-Of-Soylent video on my blog. I truly hope you enjoy it. I love Soylent!


Excellent job on the video! It was done well enough that I expected you to tell us that if we order now you’ll throw in a second set of knives for free =)


Love it! At least 20 characters of awesome!


But soylenters don’t need knives! Blender bottles or immersion blenders, maybe… :wink:


Looks great, nice job on the video. I have been doing my recipe for a few months now and am still loving it, and constantly improving upon it. I’m so glad I went for it rather than just waiting for Soylent to ship, the learning and personal growth (and shrinkage) I have gotten doing DIY have been a lot of fun, and something I wouldn’t have found simply buying a complete product. I expect to be doing this for life, it is awesome to finally have nutrition done well, cheap, and easy.

Hopefully your friends and family don’t take this announcement as an April folks joke.


Thanks! It never would have been the same if I hadn’t done DIY. It just gives me a much better appreciation for all that goes into Soylent. I’ve already decided that I’ll be continuing DIY even after Soylent ships since the 28-day supply leaves two to three day of the month uncovered.

I made a big post out of this on my facebook in the hopes that friends and family would wonder if it was an April Fools joke. I figured it would stir up interest, especially when the “joke” doesn’t end. They all think I’m crazy anyway. However, I have seen a few brave souls slowly showing some interest. Congrats on your several months of Soylent!


Thanks! Being the video trailblazer, you should get both Soylent Knife Sets absolutely free! Now, like @tsarna was sayin’, if we can only figure out how to use knives with Soylent, we’ll be set. :slight_smile:

Why, thank you Sir Trent! I’m just hoping to share my excitement with as many people as I can.


I was waiting for it to turn into a parody or something, due to the date, but it didn’t.


Ha. First comment on your blog…


On reflection, I would like to propose “soylenteer” as sounding much cooler/ more adventurous than “soylenter”


@BriBy love the video. so pro!

Which recipe are you using?


Thanks @jjb! My recipe is called “Bulletproof Soylent”

It’s a modified version of the now-famous “People Chow” recipe.


why are you still using soybean oil if you’ve got a vitamin K supplement?


Soybean oil rounds out my omega 3 and 6. It’s especially high in 6.


Very cool! I am excited about this blog. As a blogger myself, I would recommend switching to a wordpress site though and getting your own domain. It takes a bit of effort and costs a bit, but it can do a whole lot more and help your traffic in a lot of ways. It really isn’t TOO expensive.

Anyway, just a thought that I think would help. If you are interested, I’d be happy to help out. If you want to be 100% free, I get that as well and either way, I’m excited to follow along!


@BriBy If you want help setting up a blog somewhere else, the whole forum is filled with computer geeks :slight_smile: Plenty of us are willing to help.
Looks like you already own the domain name, and you need a shared host or a VPS.


Thanks! I hadn’t really considered it. I’ll have to look into it to see if there are any real benefits to switching.