My "Official Soylent" Adventures


Hello All,

I’ve been following the discourse board since its inception, but have been creeping around the edges the whole time. I placed a relatively large initial order so I have been lucky enough to have received mine. It seems like the vast majority of people are still waiting on their orders, so I thought I’d take a que from @vanclute and start documenting my experiences thus far. I figure it’d be good to have as many different experiences up here so that any future soylenters have lots of first hand anecdotes to sift through.

To begin with, I’ve been on the regular blend of Soylent since the evening of May 9th. I guess I’ll just give you a day by day summary for how things have been going thus far:

I’ll be editing this first post with every entry to it keeps it all together instead of lost int he thread below.

May 9th:
I mixed up the first back around 5pm. In the past my protein shakes have always been more palatable if I used a blender to mix them rather than just mixing with a spoon, so I figured this would hold true with Soylent as well. I blended up the first pack and decided to let it sit in the fridge for about an hour before trying it out. It seems like everyone who has tried it so far has seemed to like it from the get go, with their taste for it increasing over time as well. This was not the case for me. The first sip was bad. Not like spoiled milk bad, but more like my gag reflex kicked in if I held it in my mouth any longer than a few seconds. I decided to borrow a shotglass and just take shots of soylent for the rest of the evening.

May 10th:
I decided to try Soylent as the first meal of the day. Oddly enough, (or as expected based on other users experiences I guess) it wasn’t nearly as bad as the night before. It still didn’t taste all that great, but I no longer needed to consume it in shots and feel like an alcoholic. I kept up a steady stream of Soylent throughout the day, and found out that I was actually able to stay up and productive 2 hours past when I usually start getting groggy. Got to finish an entire paper instead of just most of one! Note: I used soylent for every meal except for dinner.

May 11th:
I went to bed around 3am but was awake by 7:30am and feeling pretty good. I was craving some chewing so I decided to forego Soylent for breakfast and opted for a bowl of cereal. It was the BEST bowl of cheerios I have ever had. I don’t know if this was because Soylent was comparatively bland or because having a healthier diet makes things taste better, but I like it. I had some Soylent for lunch, and decided to blend in some strawberries to mix it up a bit. This didn’t go well. Soylent seems to fight flavoring and I got a weird mixture of vanilla/strawberry/pistachio. It sounds appealing but its not. When I mixed up my next bag I opted to do without the blender and shake it up by hand. This actually worked WAY better than the blender for some reason, and resulted in a better mouth feel and less frothyness than the blender version.

May 12th:
Woke up extra early for a final exam. I was running late so I literally only had time for about 2 swallows of Soylent before I left the house. Those 2 swallow seemed to tide me over for the entire 3 hour exam, with not feelings of hunger or stomach grumblings. I usually have a class at the same time during the semester (9am) and am typically falling asleep in it. During the exam I felt pretty awake, no grogginess at all, and this after about 3 hours of sleep. (Note: I don’t advocate using soylent in an effort to sleep less. Unless you are also going through finals week, then screw sleep, you have an entire semester’s worth of reading to do in one night!) After the exam I figure I’d have to come home and take a nap, and indeed on the walk home I was starting to get a bit sleepy. As soon as I got in, I decided to have a glass of Soylent before taking a nap. I got in to bed trying to fall asleep and found that I was wide awake again after that glass so I just got back up and went to study for the next day’s exam. I was able to concentrate until about midnight when I started getting pretty groggy. While laying down, I started experiencing heartburn like pains and had to sit up for a bit to make them subside. Every time I lay back down, the pain would come back until I finally decided to sleep in my reading chair.

May 13th: After the pain from the night before, I was a bit hesitant to continue the Soylent. I woke up and still had similar pain, albeit not as intense. I decided to go back to a normal diet to see if it was the Soylent or the lack of sleep that was giving me digestive issues.

May 14th: I had no trouble sleeping last night, though I did wake up feeling less than refreshed. On the first couple of morning I woke up after having had Soylent the day before, I was able to wake up and get out of bed within five mins. Today it took me a full 30 mins (though this is still better than my usual, which is embarrassing so I won’t post it here). Since I have purchased quite a bit, and since soylent is my best shot at maintaining a healthy diet whilst I try to get into shape, I have decided to jump back on the horse and see if the digestive issues were just something my body needed to go through while adjusting to the new diet. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, but have been on Soylent the rest of the day, and so far no issues. I had my last exam today and was clear headed the entire way through. I didn’t have too study time for this one, but I still found myself remembering a lot of info from very early in the semester that I never had time to review. Once I got home, I started and finished my last paper (abt 16 pgs) and after staring at a computer screen for almost ten hours am actually not that tired.

Final thoughts for the first few days:
The biggest surprise for me has been the effect that Soylent has had on the amount of sleep I’ve needed to function. I’ve enjoyed the added energy, which as translated into more motivation to get work done. My biggest concern is the digestive issues I experience. To say it was unpleasant would be an understatement. Hopefully it just stemmed from a crappy sleeping schedule, but we’ll see how the next week progresses. If anyone has any thought or insights to offer on that front, I’d be much obliged. Also, @vanclute had mentioned that he noticed he ate smaller portions when he had solid foods and I figured that might be due in part to moving from a solid food diet to a liquid one, but it seems like I haven’t experienced anything of that sort. At least not yet.

May 15th: Woke up feeling great, if not a bit hungry. I can’t stress how vastly better/efficient my sleep has been. Based on other anecdotal evidence I did expect it, but not to this degree, and certainly not this quickly. I’m noticing that my “peak periods” of energy are lasting a bit longer, and I’m not as physically exhausted at the end of the day. I’ve been better at remembering to drink additional water aside from Soylent, so the headaches have subsided quite a bit, I guess that’s just a habit I will need to form. Aside from that, everything seems pretty normal. I’m still sticking with one solid meal a day because I’m still getting hit with an overwhelming urge to chew something every so often and to be quite honest, gum wasn’t cutting it.

May 17th: I’m really amazed at how accustomed by body has become to telling me when I need to get another glass of Soylent. I get the slightest of headaches and literally a sip or two later its gone. Went to the gym today for the first time in weeks to see if the diet change would impact my workout in any way. I didn’t notice a change in strength exercises, but I did with cardio. On both the elliptical and the treadmill I was able to run noticabely longer before I felt in any way winded. I bought the Ceretropic brand Noopept sublingual solution to see if I fared any better with it and Soylent. I had taken the the powdered form before but as many have noted, it ruins the taste of anything you put it in. The solution does taste leaps and bounds better than the powdered form, but I personally still don’t like it all that much. It was a bit weird holding a liquid under my tongue waiting for it to be absorbed, I had to keep fighting the instinct to swallow because it just felt like my mouth had too much saliva. In terms of effects, it kicked in a lot faster than the powder, but it wasn’t as intense. I didn’t feel like I was any more clear headed or that I could remember anything better than I was on just the Soylent. Maybe there is some sort of “loading phase” where it takes a few days to feel significant differences. I’ll keep using it for the next week to see if there is any improvement. That’s it for now!

May 20th: In terms of how I feel, nothing has changed all that much from my previous posts. The main difference is that what like amazing changes before just seem like my new “normal” state. I’ve kept up the exercising but, besides the extra burst of longevity I had on my initial workout, I haven’t noticed any changes. I don’t think Soylent will help me get into shape any faster, but it definitely makes my workouts feel more productive and efficient. I feel like I’m getting more out of each trip to the gym than I did on my old diet. I decided to use Soylent as a post workout drink as well, and I noticed that my recovery times were a lot lower than before. It would usually take me the entire walk home (abt 10 mins) and a shower before I felt I could get back to work, but now, by the time I get home, I’m ready to get back to work. Also, flatulence has been mentioned in other threads as well, and I’d concur with others that it subsides after 7-10 days or so. I’m rounding on two weeks and I’m proud to say that it is no longer an issue :smile:. As far as the noopept solution goes, I kept it up for a few days, but with each dose I felt diminishing effects so I’ve just cut it out altogether. It seems like it had a stronger effect on my when I had a crappy diet VS my new mostly Soylent diet. That’s it for today.


May 22nd (Morning): Wanted to give a quick morning update. This is the first morning I’ve woken up feeling pretty crappy since starting Soylent. I felt very sluggish when I woke up, and it took some time for the morning grogginess (which I haven’t had any of for over a week) to dissipate. Its of note that I didn’t have as much Soylent as I normally do yesterday., but I didn’t experience any “hunger headaches” either. I’m wondering if Soylent has any adverse effects on the body’s ability to “make do” with what it has. Is it possible that once your body becomes attuned to being given the nutrients it needs that it essentially protests when it feels its been shortchanged? I am neither a nutritionist nor well versed in the subject, so that line of questioning may be hokum, but I welcome any thoughts on the matter. Anyone else experienced anything like this? I’ll post another update later on this evening to see if anything has changed


Soylent In The Media | Updated 11/23

Also, I figured since I had a big order, and I’d be able to reorder soon enough if I need to, I’ve listed a weeks worth on eBay. Here’s the link if anyone is interested:


Fantastic journal of your experiences! Fascinating to see what correlates with mine and what doesn’t. Keep it up, it’s great to have more experiences to compare to! =)

A couple things to consider…

  1. Don’t forget to drink slowly when you do. Maybe not an issue if you’re just doing shots, but when we have like a 12oz glass, sometimes my gal will forget it’s not just a drink and she’ll just gulp it all down real fast, which can lead to very uncomfortable bloating given how much food that translates to shoveling in.
  2. Sometimes I’m finding that Soylent is so satisfying, I’ll not think about needing more for quite a long time, and when “hunger” finally kicks in it’s a different sensation than “normal” hunger, so sometimes I don’t recognize it. If in doubt and you feel weird or anything unexpected, think about the last time you ate and how much you consumed, and ask yourself if you might need some more fuel. I’ve gotten better about this, and it’s helped in my case to have my 20oz insulated container nearby at pretty much all times, so I can sip any time I need to. :smile:


I haven’t been gulping all that much, so I don’t think that is contributing to any issues. But as you said, its not really just a drink but a meal so maybe I still need to slow it down a bit. I’ve also found that the hunger sensation is a bit different. Sometimes its actually a desperate and I start feeling a but lethargic, but a few sips of soylent later and I’m good to go. I have been hesitant to take it on the go simply because I’m on campus all day and have no way of keeping it cold, and I’m assuming a warm soylent isn’t all that appetizing.


Yeah get yourself a nice insulated thermos and throw an ice cube or two in for good measure, it’ll stay nice & cool for hours. I got this one:

You definitely should keep some with you if you find yourself on campus for potentially extended periods of time when you may not be able to break for food. Soylent is ideal in those situations in my experience.


I bid $70 but was immediately outbid. Who knows, maybe that box will pay for your entire next month’s worth of Soylent. :slight_smile:


I’m not a doctor, but this sounds like acid reflux.


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What did you doo?? You borked teh intertubez!!

Kidding, my bad… I changed the link structure of the site last night, still a bit of a work in progress and I forgot it would break any existing links in the world. Sorry bout that!


Yeah, I’ve had problems with it before. In the past it was usually triggered by very spicy foods. Soylent is effectively flavor-neutral so I wasn’t wholly convinced which is why I thought it might just be a me-specific side effect to adjusting to a Soylent diet. I’ve been on Soylent again since yesterday morning and haven’t had any trouble so we’ll see where this goes…


added update for 5/15 in the original post.


Interesting posts - keep on updating us please!

Could it be that this boost is energy is related to the consumption of maltodextrin? What was your typical nutrition before soylent?

As a side note, I would not suggest changing anything from your diet during the exams! I usually leave diet experiments for periods when I am relatively calm and stress-free.


The “sleep efficiency” phenomenon has been really wild to me as well. It’s hard to quite describe in a way that will be familiar to most people. It’s like every night is “the best night’s sleep ever”. Even on nights when I’ve been underslept, I don’t end up feeling like death warmed over like I normally would. Dunno what accounts for that… is my sleeping body just doing so well absorbing the nutrients it now has, that I’m not “working” so hard while I sleep? No idea frankly, but it sure is cool.


My pre-Soylent diet was primarily fish/chicken based for lunch and dinner with a bowl of cereal (or nothing if I was running late) for breakfast. I don’t drink coffee so that was never a part of my diet, but i did have chai tea a couple of times a week. I also had anywhere between 2-5 fingers of Jameson in a week, but mostly when I was having trouble sleeping. I haven’t had any sleep issues since starting Soylent and so I actually haven’t had a drink since. Yeah, after I realized my Soylent wouldn’t arrive at least a week before exams, I started hoping it would arrive after so I wouldn’t be tempted to mess with my diet during exam week. But alas it was sitting on my doorstep right after I got home from my first one and I couldn’t NOT drink it… I definitely plan on continuing to post, but they will get more infrequent with time as it would be a boring read for people if its just more of the same. I think it’d be interesting to see what impact it has on exercising, so as soon as I get my summer schedule sorted I may start including that in my updates.

Just realized that fish/chicken may be interpreted as “I’ve been cooking healthy meals at home”. Just to clarify, I did cook fish based meals at home, but the chicken was courtesy of Popeye’s - and there’s been quite a bit of it leading up to finals week…


Yeah, the only thing I’ve found that has reduced my need for sleep more effectively was modafinil/armodafinil. That however catches up with you eventually. They say there is no crash like there is with caffeine but there is, it just comes later. Soylent doesn’t necessarily reduce the need for sleep, it just seems to make it feel more efficient.


Exactly, I think that’s a key point to make sure people recognize. We aren’t saying “with Soylent you get to sleep less!” even though for many that may in fact prove true. It’s really about the sleep you do get just somehow being better than ever.

I’ve even found short naps to be way more invigorating than ever before. Just a half hour if I need it, feels absolutely amazing (and I’ve taken many a half hour nap in my time, never with this kind of result).

All anecdotal to be sure, but still incredibly cool. =D


Interesting! I hope it will help me too.


new entry up top in the original post…


Very cool. Everything I read about noopept said it definitely had a build-up time to reach max effect, so yeah you may need to keep it going a while to really see any changes. Also I always meant to take it in conjunction with cognition tests of some kind. Have you considered that?


I’ve not really thought about cognition tests. I’d be down to do a few over the next week, but the only ones I can think of off hand are the many bogus IQ tests littered all over the web. If you have any suggestions for any reputable tests you know of, I’d be game.