My "Official Soylent" Adventures


The one I was gonna try was but I also read that Rob & team had been using which looked interesting too.


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Very interesting about the noopept observation! I wondered something similar in fact. My focus and concentration have been so amazing since Soylent, that I kinda think it’s easily (and more effectively) substituting for the supplements I used to take - including some caffeine. I know what you mean too about “the new normal”. Crazy innit?? =D


Yeah, my focus and concentration has been great. I was hoping the noopept would actually help with memory recall, but I have yet to see if Soylent will help in that area. Guess I’ll find out over the summer!


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I don’t know if I would read too much into 1 bad day


I’m not sure how this convention of putting things in the top post came about… but I will never look at it if you don’t also post it in the thread. Not sure if you care or if I’m alone but thought I’d say something. :smile:


@krehem I’m curious as to why you are getting headaches that are cured by drinking more Soylent as I wouldn’t normally associate headaches with lack of food. Are you also drinking water or just Soylent primarily for fluids? Many people get headaches from not being hydrated enough, so wondering if adding some fluids in addition to Soylent would help? Obviously by drinking more Soylent you are getting additional hydration, so understanding the root cause, food Vs hydration would be good to know.


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I think @vanclute had also mentioned that he would get mild headaches when he first started that dissipated after some Soylent (though I may be mistaken). I actually get headaches from both lack of hydration and hunger. Usually the lack of hydration ones are less intense, but even before I was on Soylent, sometimes I’d be so focused on a paper or other work that I’d lose track of time and the whole day would have gone by and I’ll I’ve had is a bowl of cereal in the morning. Usually if a headache sets in I’ll try to fix it with water, but if that doesn’t work, food/Soylent usually does. In addition to what’s in Soylent, I’m drinking about 25 oz of water per day, so I’m not sure if additional hydration is generally the key for me personally. Maybe I just need to spend less time at the computer lol.


I got a VERY mild headache once, and I drank a glass of water and it went away. It was so mild it didn’t stop me from doing anything, was just “there”.

Interestingly, I just noticed another one creeping on… it’s barely perceptible, so I’m gonna go nip it in the bud now. We have a guest visiting and so went out to lunch, and I haven’t had any Soylent in a good 4+ hours now nor anything else to drink, I’m definitely thirsty but as usual - hadn’t noticed.

Soylent to the rescue… =) Off to sip…