My own Soylent formula (the Netherlangs, Europe) please comment



I want to share my Soylent formula with all of you and please feel free to comment! It’s not complete, but I want to start pretty soon (I hope Wednesday). I’ve got all the ingredients (in bulk) at home except for the fibers, but I expect them to arrive tomorrow. Please note them I’m not looking for the cheapest formula, I’m going for good.

As you can see it’s in .xls format (I’m using Kingsoft Office). You can open this format with:

I’ve chosen to put the products I bought on the X-axis and the ‘ingredients’ on the Y-axis. In other words, the other way around than everybody else seems to do it. But I find it clearer this way.
If your screen settings are on 1920x1080 you can see this spreadsheet ‘full screen’. The sheet is protected, not because I don’t want anybody to use it as a template. But because you won’t accidentally change or delete something. You can unprotect the sheet any time you want, since there is no password on it.

The yellow cells represent cells which can be edited for your personal formula/ingredients. You can click on ‘View Item’ beneath every product to view the online shop where I purchased them.

The blue tabs (in the bottom) show comparison sheets. At this moment there a one for multi vitamins/minerals and one for proteins since I feel these are products which I certainly might/need to change in the (near) future.

I might be trying to get the costs for the proteins (Whey) and fiber down, but I don’t want to lose (to much) on the quality. So suggestions here are very welcome.

There is also a calculation tab, here you can see how I calculated the ingredients in the supplements were needed. You might notice the pretty low fat consumption, but since I’m overweight at the moment I want to lose weight first. So when I’m at an appropriate weight and fat percentage I’ll probably increase it. I also noticed that my iron is pretty low at the moment, so I have to fix that.

I guess this is about enough information to start with. Again, feel free to comment. Because if it’s up to me, this is going to be a permanent thing for me.

Thanks in advance

German Soylent - my experience

OK, first day… It’s tastes pretty nasty. I blame it on the salt. Tomorrow I’ll leave it out and see what it does with the taste. If it tastes better I might consider taking sodium chloride pills or something like that.

Also my intestines/bowels hurt pretty much, but I’m pretty certain it’s not due to the formula but due to my illnesses. I have very much intestines/bowel problems like Crohn’s disease and various food intolerance’s and allergies. So I’m going to eliminate a few ingredients (1 per day) to find out whats making my bowels hurt (cramp).

Could be the fibers, so I’m inclined to leave that out first. But it also could be the Whey or the Maltodextrine. So I’ll take it one day at the time…

Buying sources in the Netherlands/Amsterdam
My (Canadian) Soylent Formulation

just a few thoughts:

  • You could safe money if you take potassium-citrate instead of potassium-gluconat
  • Is olive-oil really this expensive in the netherlands? In germany I get good (extra-native) for 3,49 (and this is the first one i found - I think if i search I could find a cheaper one)
  • If you are still on soylent: Why do you use so many multi-vitamins instead of the pure substances? You could safe money and dose it better…


Hey Snafu,

Thank you for your reply. I use the potassium gluconate because potassium is highly reactive like Rob said. So I didn’t really want to ‘lose’ potential potassium due to chemical reactions of some sort.

As for the olive oil, I bought the supermarket’s own brand. So I guess it’s pretty expensive in the Netherlands. Brands like Bertolli are about 7/8 euro per liter.

And what do you mean with: “Why do you use so many multi-vitamins instead of the pure substances”?
The blue tabs in the bottom are comparison sheets which help me to choose the right multi vitamins/whey/carbs etc. The tab ‘recipe’ is the actual formula I use.


When rob said that potassium is highly reactive, he was referring to elemental potassium. If you were to eat that, it would burn a whole in your esophagus/explode in your mouth. But potassium gluconate and potassium citrate are compounds.


I understand andrew, but one compound is more stable than the other. But I will look into it, maybe it’s way cheaper.