My personal official Soylent experience


I didn’t want to keep posting updates in a more general discussion thread, so thought it might just be appropriate to create my own.  So for those who want to keep following my Soylent experience (and thanks for the public & private comments btw!  =) you can do so here…

I’m maintaining a single playlist with all my videos in it.  I originally thought I was just going to do a single unboxing video but it became clear that many people are interested to see how others do with Soylent, while they (im)patiently await their own shipment.  So, I’m now aiming to do at least one video per day, assuming there’s anything worth sharing anyway!

Enjoy…  :smile:


Forgot to mention about going out to eat last night!


I’m in the process of uploading a bunch of “prologue” videos that were recorded before my unboxing video. I didn’t originally know that I was going to be making these public, they were just kinda meant for my own posterity or for “future generations” or whatever. But since people seem to enjoy them, I’m putting them all up. Stay tuned…


OK this is freaking WEIRD to me, but… I’m finding myself actually REALLY LIKING FOOD! So far I haven’t quite done a 100% Soylent-only day, and I’m actually not quite sure I even want to anymore. I probably will from time to time just because the convenience and simplicity of Soylent just can’t be beat. But my gal and I both agree that we’re finding our normal food items FAR more appealing now than they ever have been before.

My entire life (almost 41 years), food has been something I consume because I have to but never because I want to. There have been certain foods that were acceptable to me, and I don’t deviate from that selection at all. And in that regard, nothing has changed… I’m not suddenly interested in foods that I wouldn’t have considered prior to Soylent. But, the notion of eating my normal stuff - even something as simple as a bowl of cereal - is incredibly attractive. It just plain sounds delicious! And that’s not something I say about food - EVER.

We’re going out to eat again now, at our other most-frequented mexican place. This is so bizarre that I’m actually really looking forward to eating there. I’m sure most people would read this and wonder wtf I was rambling about! LOL But for me, this is a huge huge change. 41 years of never looking forward to food ever except as something to keep my body going, and suddenly I’m enjoying food!

Life is really wacky sometimes. =D


Do you find your other senses have improved too, like smell? :wink: hows life in bed after starting on soylent?


I don’t think I’ve noticed any change in my sense of smell or any of the others. And I’m not quite sure I could really say my sense of taste has changed either. It’s hard to describe. It’s more like, things taste the way they always have, but somehow I’m wayyyy more aware of them now. Like a mental clarity kind of thing. Very hard to quantify but very interesting. I’d sure love to see some brain studies done of before and after Soylent, to see if the way people process/perceive sensory input is in any measurable way changed.

If you mean how’s my sleep, it’s been really very good. Somehow I would say that the same number of hours of sleep is actually more restful than before, though again I really can’t quantify that. But I went 2 days in a row on my fairly standard 5-ish hours of sleep, and felt REALLY good in the mornings.

If you mean the other most common bed-based activity… well that’ll be hard to compare since it was already awesome. LOL

Also, entirely subjective and anecdotal but… I could swear both of our overall moods & emotional states are a lot better than they have been in a long time, if not ever. Totally can’t quantify it at all, but it sure seems that way to me!


Another interesting personal observation. My gal is an oil painter, pretty much exclusively paints portraits but hasn’t painted with much frequency for a lot of years due to lack of time. Now that we have Soylent, she’s planning to use a lot of the time savings for painting.

So the other day (I think on day 2 of Soylent?) she did some painting for several hours, and was working a lot on fine detail like eyes, eyelashes, etc. This morning she told me that since having Soylent, she’s noticed a great increase in her concentration, focus, and physical stability. In the past she would usually get very frustrated with fine detail work in part because she would fatigue quickly and her hands would shake. This time, there was none of that and she insists that the detail work she did this time is the best she’s done in easily 15 years.

I also am quite certain that her general mood and mood stability have both been remarkably good since Soylent entered our diets. Being female she’s of course subject to many of the usual hormone/mood issues that accompany being the gender, and it’s been 5 solid days now and there’s been absolutely no sign of any mood swings whatsoever, not even mild ones. I’d say the same for myself but it’s harder to judge since I’m not outside myself. She did tell me however that if she didn’t know that I wasn’t taking my usual energy supplements, she wouldn’t have known it since I seem like I’m still on them all the time (elevated mood is a huge very noticeable component of my energy supplement regimen).


This makes me very hopeful. I think it’s sensible that good nutrition should help with mental/emotional stability. I’m Type II Bipolar, and while my meds do a pretty good job modulating the sine wave, making sure that my body is getting everything it needs will probably help even more.


Just watched all your videos, thanks for doing them, its given me a few things to look out for, and I am soooooo happy you were a snacker and noticed that it takes care of that. Keep up on the videos, even the smallest things are wroth talking about.


Was this strictly necessary?

Everybody has mood swings; I have lived and worked in male-dominated (as well as female-dominated) environments, and you are not the rational, balanced creatures you might like to think you are, certainly no more so than women. Humans are human, and we’re subject to the mood issues that come with being human.

(Hormones don’t really control women’s behavior.(1))


Glad you enjoyed them! And yes my snacking cravings have massively reduced. It’s really bizarre… something that has been such an automatic, unthinking part of my existence literally forever, is just… gone. It’s almost surreal. I haven’t had any candy/cookies/snacks at all since the day Soylent arrived. I actually had my first bowl of cereal since then today (something that has been a daily part of my life with very few exceptions probably since I was 2 or 3), and it was freakishly tasty. Like in an evil sort of way.

I never even considered for a moment that I had any sort of “food addiction” but being on Soylent for a few days - even partial days - somehow seems to “reset” the sense of taste. I’m super aware of the intensely “loud” flavors of things. Even my relatively “healthier” cereals like Corn Chex and Total (as compared to stuff like Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, etc.) taste out of this world intense. After a small bowl full, I was extremely aware of how badly I wanted more - just to have more. Not for any actual reason involving hunger or the need for nourishment.

Fortunately, I’m finding that it’s pretty darn easy now to resist those cravings. I feel them, I’m aware of them, but I can easily say “nah, I don’t think so” and move on. There’s an entire easter basket in the kitchen loaded with yummy chocolate & marshmellowy evilness and I walk past it dozens of times every day. It doesn’t even phase me, even though I know the stuff in it is mighty delicious. It’s just not a big deal. Prior to Soylent, that basket would probably be half empty by now.

I still have a slightly hard time with TV without snacks, just because my routine has changed. I usually bring a small glass of Soylent to sip while I watch, but it’s not the same. I suppose I just need to develop new routines. And in time I will probably allow myself a little solid snack here & there, since I have this strange newfound ability to have “just a little” instead of mindlessly munching as long as the bag or whatever is in front of me, and it doesn’t feel like I’m restricting anything. I just don’t want more.

We still have some “real food” we need to use up before it goes bad, like most of a loaf of bread, some cheese, peanut butter, milk, etc. so we will gradually be finishing that stuff up. But it’s so outrageously satisfying to be having maybe just 1 “real meal” per day. Once we’re out of more stuff, I’m sure I’ll start having “Soylent-only” days. But for now I’ve still got more perishables to get through.

Wild… I look forward to hearing about more experiences and if they mirror my own!


Sorry, just saw this.

First, I never said I was a “rational, balanced creature”. But the fact is that women (well, most anyway…) have hormonal activities going on in their bodies that men don’t. And vice versa quite frankly. But I have seen first hand how hormones can wildly affect a women’s (again, anyone’s really…) behavior just by a doctor recommending she change to a “lower estrogen” birth control pill - expecting of course this to be a good thing. The changes were freaking crazy, and were so bad that she ended up going back on the original pill. It is extremely well documented that women have a monthly cycle that can cause wild swings in their hormones (again, some more or less so than others) and thus, behaviors.

This was not in any way a dig towards women at all, just an observation of changes I see in my female partner. I’ve also seen changes in my own mood and behavior, but they are less obvious. I didn’t mean to imply at all that hormones control women’s (or anyone’s… damn this gender specificity!) behavior, but they absolutely influence it. I don’t see how anyone could say that hormones don’t influence our behavior. They clearly do.

So, to answer the original question, I would say that yes it was “strictly necessary” since the title of the thread is “My personal official Soylent experience” and this observation would definitely fit within that.


I had a time where I was on DIY Soylent for a couple days solid and my meal off was Chinese shrimp and veggies. The broccoli in the meal was AMAZING. The texture, the really subtle flavors, I was in love with all of it and couldn’t get enough of it. And I normally hate broccoli.


I request that you please not generalize all women as hormonal or prone to mood swings. We are not. Your wife might be; some women are, though, as you say, treatments are available. As are some men, though I am not sure if there are good treatment options or not (sorry). Hormones are strange.

This “documentation” you refer to has been trounced by meta-analyses like the one I linked to above and is perpetuated falsely by overly broad generalizations like you used above. I find it insulting to be generalized, incorrectly, in this way. But far more important than my feelings: citing female hormonal issues is a key way men rob women of power and influence; it’s a dirty, unethical, unscientific tactic when done intentionally, and unintentional uses like yours only strengthen its effectiveness.



The study you linked was only in regards to, um, “romantic” desires. While good to know (I certainly wouldn’t want to think my partner’s affection for me changes with the moon), that is a far cry from hormones having no effect on your mood. Which seems highly questionable, for everyone, not just women. Body chemistry is tied to mood and emotions. I am not saying men are any more rational about things than women, but you aren’t exactly proving that hormone’s don’t control behavior with that link.
Sorry, but I am a stickler for proper support for one’s arguments, regardless of whether I agree with the point or not. I want rational, solid facts being presented on all sides


I don’t know how I could have been any clearer that my statements were my opinion based on experience, and were also applicable in some cases and not others, and also not tied to gender. The fact is (and yes I’m pretty confident this is a fact) that hormones influence behavior. I believe it’s also a fact that women ordinarily have considerably more estrogen than men, which causes certain kinds of behavioral reactions (as can be seen by giving men doses of estrogen - it has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with the hormone). Another fact is that most women have a periodic cycle where their hormonal balance changes, and this is widely known to sometimes (but certainly not always) result in extreme mood swings. I was merely citing that in our case, I had noticed a decided decrease in the intensity of said moods. Also in handling stress as a whole. She just got some unfortunate family news about her mother and is handling it far better than I would ever have anticipated. I can’t prove the link to Soylent, but it’s an interesting and marked difference.

I’m truly sorry that you feel slighted or offended by anything I have said, but I stand by every word as it applies to my life and my experiences, which is what this thread is about.


Another observation I forgot to mention… I no longer have any morning groggies! Normally I’d wake up and really not be thinking too clearly until I’d had some food and especially some caffeine in me (I don’t drink coffee but small doses of caffeine were part of my daily regemin). That has completely disappeared! I wake up and am just… Awake. Not like there is some superhuman focus or clarity or anything… Just awake and clear and feeling great!


Quick update from the female half. She was having a terrible craving for a sandwich, so we went to Togos and got her one. She had half, saved the rest for later. But when we got home a couple hours later, she realized that she had completely forgotten to take her usual digestive supplements before we went out. She says that normally if she were to eat a sandwich like that without them, she would be in definite gastric distress afterwards. This time - nothing at all. Absolutely no hint of digestive trouble whatsoever.

Another observation from her, can’t really pin this one definitively on Soylent but hey, any change is worth mentioning. She was doing some yard work this morning, moving potted plants around. She was quite surprised that plants she would normally have had a very challenging time lifting and moving, were easy as could be. She swears she felt stronger, and just more able to do more strenuous physical exertion without any trouble. She gardens a lot so I tend to think she’s a pretty good judge of a change like that.


As an interesting note - this is becoming less “well-documented”. New research is showing that these hormone changes could have a lot less effect on mood swings than we’ve given them credit for.

Psychologically speaking, it’s an easy scapegoat, and that means at least two things. Firstly, any mood swings that do occur doing the period of time they’re “expected” can easily get lumped under “hormones”, making confirmation bias an easy trap. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, labeling a few days each month as “expected to be moody” is a good way to give one’s subconscious an excuse to self-fulfill that prophecy. If you expect to feel a certain way at a certain time… your mind can (and often will) fill it in for you. To pull an easy reference, if you start eating at the same time each day, that’s when you’ll get hungry. It’s “when you’re supposed to expect food”. Well, if you’re “supposed to be cranky” next week, you’re gonna be cranky next week.

I’m not going to go full out and say something like “PMS/PMT is definitely a myth/psychosomatic”. There probably isn’t enough data just yet to make solid claims of immutable fact. But it’s quickly becoming just as shaky of a logical ground to state “PMS/PMT is definitely a biological fact”.


@Vanclute love all the details and updates, including how it is impacting your partner. That’s all good news, and makes me hopeful.

I don’t recall if you are specifically targeting weight loss, but if you are, are you worrying about counting calories at all given you are doing a mixed diet? I would like to lose some weight and your comment about really liking food has me a bit worried :slight_smile: I already like food, but prefer nutritious food when I do eat. I’m hoping Soylent will help me remove the impulse foods that are bad from my diet, while preserving the control to eat the healthy regular meals.

I’m kind of amazed that people could do 100% soylent and resist all standard food cravings, but I think I want to try that for a week or two to see what it’s like. Of course with the reported problems with gas I may need to ease into that plan.