My pocket stir plate to try out with Soylent


It still needs some work, like adjusting the height of the cover so that I don’t have to lift up the cup, but I think it’s pretty neat. Here it is.


Very cool, have you tried it with a more viscous liquid to see if it works well for that? Is this your invention?


I actually just finished making it so I haven’t had a chance to try it with something more viscous yet. Maybe tomorrow, although I’m not sure with what since I don’t have my Soylent yet.


Several have said it has a similar viscosity to milk, so it would be a good stand in.

Also, I’ve never seen one of these before. Very cool.


Nice, I’ve seen these in medical labs and actually was looking for one on Amazon but I’m not sure what they’re called.


@Nom try searching under magnetic stir bar or magnetic stir bar plate.


Thanks! King of expensive though, guess I’ll stick with my Ninja and the single serving attachment.


We need some step-by-step instructions for making this. :slight_smile: It would be great to have one that can stir the entire official Soylent pitcher.


that would be so insanely cool.


It’s actually not that hard. There are only 4 electrical components to connect (the fan, batteries, power switch, knob) nothing too fancy. Here’s my finished project which works much more reliably than the first video. But, if you’d like to stir a whole pitcher of Soylent, they do have commercial products that are stronger and could probably do this. I only made this because I wanted something tiny and battery operated (commercial ones are much bigger and usually not battery operated). But, if you’d really like to make one, there are tons of tutorials if you google “magnetic stir plate” or I could write up something if you’d really like.


How much water is in the cup used in your latest video @latem?


I just checked. It was 1 and 1/3 cups. I can try more in a few minutes and update.
Edit: @JulioMiles, I just tried it with 3 and 1/3 cups, which is the biggest cup I have. Unfortunately, the cup is not clear so I can’t see how far down the funnel goes, but it’s spinning really fast and a really decent funnel going. I have yet to try it with anything other than water. Maybe later or tomorrow, but it shouldn’t affect it too much if it’s as viscous as milk.


That’s very cool, ~3 cups is a solid meal.

Definitely look forward to seeing this tested on Soylent. My favorite prep method is filling up the blender pitcher with water and slowly turning up the speed until it funnels, then pouring the powder and oil into the funnel. Not sure if it has any kind of utilitarian advantage but it looks really cool.


The funnel, while being cool looking, isn’t necessary for mixing. Once you notice the swirling motion, fluid dynamics is at work mixing your Soylent. Shows a 30 gallon version with some “stars” (shiny objects) which shows the motion made by the stir bars.


@juliomiles - Once you guys have time to stop and take a breath, get everyone working on a new official Soylent pitcher with a mixer built in. And maybe a thermos that holds exactly 1/3 of a day’s worth with a built-in mixer too. :smiley:

They already make cups with built-in blender things. I have one that’s maybe 16oz that creates a pretty good funnel. No magnets, just a motor in a base on the bottom and a small propeller that sticks up into the bottom of the actual cup.

I still want to make a magnet one for the pitcher that’s coming with my starter kit. :slight_smile:


The cup with the built in stirrer is what made me want to make this. I really wanted to buy the cup but people claimed the lid was poorly designed and it would trap liquid in there which led to mold. So, I made this. A pitcher one would be nice, save from dirtying a blender each night.


Ooo, that’s neat. Good to know. I just figured it was good sign.


A pitcher with a built-in magnetic propeller (not a loose magnet) wouldn’t need to be any taller than the existing pitcher, and you could just have a base (like the one @latem made) that it sits on your counter. Pull the pitcher out of the fridge and set it on the base for a minute to give it a good stir. You could have multiple pitchers with these built-in propellers and a single base. The thermos could have the same thing. No need for batteries, and the thermos could stay sealed.


I kinda like the loose propeller though… I think it would be easier to clean as some gunk may be missed when washing if it is built in… you would just drop it in and set it on the base.


I like the built-in idea just because it would be less to keep track of, but yeah, cleaning would no fun. Although, a built-in could (somehow) still be removable perhaps?