My preferred method of preparing Soylent


Prepare Soylent in pitcher as instructed more or less, adding a few shakes of salt. Leave in fridge for 24 hours. Shake Soylent pitcher, pour into mason jars, put the lids on, put in freezer. Take frozen jar to work for lunch and drink once melted.

For whatever reason, the freezing/defrosting process seems to make the texture softer, smoother, and even makes cleanup easier as there are far less of those tiny bits that get stuck to the sides of the glass. Additionally, when you drink it it’s ice cold, without watering it down with ice cubes (which also means smaller jars can be used for the same amount of Soylent).

I’m not sure the initial 24-hour soak is necessary. Overnight might be fine, or maybe you can skip it altogether and go straight to freezing, but I haven’t experimented. I do hope salt gets added to the formula soon as I forget to add it sometimes, which makes me crave salty food like crazy, and I think the taste of Soylent is very good with a bit of salt added, but not very good without it.

Just my 2¢.


The freezing technique is interesting. I’d be really interested in trying it. In my opinion blender use and near boiling water with an overnight sit has done well for consistency. Adding the overnight freeze would be fun to try.


I’m curious to try the freeze / unfreeze process. I always add 4 espresso shots to my Soylent. I’m a huge fan of the flavor it adds as the Soylent takes the espresso and dilutes it enough for a more sublet coffee taste.

How long does the defrosting take? I’m imagining something similar to a water bottle.


Wow that’s mighty interesting! I’ve used Soylent in smoothies with ice and sherbet and they were absolutely out of this world good. But I haven’t tried outright freezing it… Hmmmmm…


An interesting method! Easy to try myself too. Is there any chance the freezing process would have an impact on nutritional value though?


My preferred method is one drink at a time. 1 c. milk + 1 c. water + 1/2 c. Soylent & some salt & oil. Then mix with this: (it’s on sale too!) The cup it comes with has a lid in case you don’t finish right away. I’ve found that it tastes just fine without waiting overnight. And sometimes I only drink it once a day, sometimes more, so this works out for me. Of course I’m home all day so maybe it wouldn’t be so perfect otherwise. :wink:


Yeah the milk is probably cold enough to make the whole thing palatable. That’s one thing I also think is cool about the new powdered oil formula. If you were traveling say on a plane, all you’d have to have it the powder and your blender bottle. Ask for some ice to add to the water and voila… you should be set to drink pretty much immediately.

I do wonder if the new powder will still require any soaking time or not. Can’t wait to find out!