My Request For Update Thread (Lend Me Your Voice)


I’m not going to encourage swearing, or abusive language or behavior, but short of going to Rosa Labs, kicking in the door, and demanding an update, I don’t know what else to do.

We SHOULD have seen an update by now, of some kind, be it positive or negative. I for one could almost care less what’s in it, so long as Rosa tells us SOMETHING about what’s going on. I’m not asking for an update on my specific order, I’m not asking for a detailed personal account of stress-induced hair pulling, I’m not asking for the moon. I’m simply asking for something like, “shipping is being ramped up with all the haste we can muster, and orders are shipping as fast as we can manage. We’re XX% of the way through the queue, life is looking good!” or even, “It’s all gone to sh*t, shipping is non-existent, we’re trying to work out the bugs, here’s what they are. Sorry for the delay, we really are trying.” I can’t stress enough how crucial this sort of thing is for maintaining faith and morale, as well as keeping the wilier elements from doing things like contacting the FTC over the media blackout from Rosa.

It’s not what I want, but it’s looking more and more like getting the freaking federal government involved may be the only way to get Rosa’s attention, and I don’t want that.

Here’s what I AM going to do, and I’d like the help of anyone in the forums who wants to pitch in:

I’m going to tag @JulioMiles in this post, and every subsequent post in this thread. Then, I’ll send an email to once an hour, until we get an update. It’s kinda like a letter writing campaign.

Truthfully, this is probably an awful idea that will result in me getting banned or chastised in some way, and worst case scenario it only takes @JulioMiles’ and @rob’s time away from whatever else they may be doing that might be important.

My problem is I can’t deal with the silence, I need to know SOMETHING, and I know I’m not the only one. Join me, and hopefully we can make enough noise that they HAVE to respond. It’s the only thing I know to do.


You should probably remove “Official” from the topic title. It is misleading.

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Hmm… No new info, A hopeful but futile effort, and someone complaining in the second post. Are we sure this isn’t official?


I don’t think harassment is the way to get what you want.

That said, I agree that it’s maybe time for a response and update to shipping projections for new orders. (Disclosure: I’ve received my one-month order of Soylent placed on May 23rd, 2013.)


I agree they should give us all an update… I disagree about mailing them every hour…


Just to be clear… you want them to get the product out quickly but you also want them to spend time responding to your barrage of emails and to post regular updates? or even irregular updates. In another thread someone speculated as to the number of Rosa employees. I don’t know that number but lets just say its the original 5. What you are proposing to do will take at least 1 of them away from the business of getting Soylent out to everyone to respond to your need for information. This company started out by being transparent and letting us all in on how things were working or not. They got a grief for delivering bad news or even just a simple “Hey we’re moving along. Nothing new to report.” So now they have decided to be more definitive in delivering info and we are back to hearing " I demand you tell me what is going on" from you and a few others. So really what do you want? Product or information?

edit; yes please remove the “official” from your title. There is nothing official about this.


At least the updates were giving me hope.


I think this letter writing he suggests is a waste of time, but suggesting that having them write a regular update would slow the shipping process down is just silly. Your other point about them being damned if they do/don’t seems to be true and I’d guess the reason we don’t hear much official news.


@leecauble1 Yes that is what we would like the VP of COMMUNICATIONS to do, communicate.

Don’t pretend that every single employee is in the warehouse packing and shipping, because if that were true we would have our product by now.

This logic is pretty baseless. They aren’t shipping it anyway, they can at least tell us why.

I am not asking them to respond to every single email and forum post, but they are the ones who decided to cease with any and all updates regarding what happened to our money.

the eternal question: how much time can go by with no info before you would suggest asking for an update? After two years, would you still be claiming they are too busy shipping, and everyone should just be patient?


I heard (not from a verified source) that they were unable to fill the orders they have and may be forced to close the doors. I hope this is not true (I purchased two weeks worth back in March), but with the complete lack of updates I can only think that the situation is bleak. If a company has good news they are very happy to share it, but when the excrement begins hitting the rotating blades the messages become few and far between.

Perhaps some of the problems being reported on this board about bags having an odd taste have caused the company to stop shipping until they have figured out if there is a problem or not. I guess we are all free to speculate wildly in the absence of any official word from the company.


I’m well aware that it would take at least one of them away from whatever it is that they are doing. I stated that, in fact.

That’s irrelevant though, as there is a tacit agreement between any retailer / producer / seller and their clients / customers that communication is a given. Again, I’m not asking for a thesis paper.

A simple three sentence “here’s what’s up, here’s what’s coming up” update would be more than fine. I’m trying to be moderate here, and work within the bounds that seem reasonable.


And speculate wildly we will, which of course is only in Rosa Labs best interests. Every food product manufacturer loves wild speculation.


While I appreciate what I think is support here 'Coy, the sarcasm makes it hard.

In either case, the speculation is the problem. @JulioMiles or someone from Rosa needs to make a statement.

Seriously, ANY statement.


I am agreeing.

The lesson learned over time is that if I am not sarcastic, then I am bombarded by 10 different people I don’t wish to talk to who have nothing to contribute and all points basically consolidate to “Soylent is doing the best they can, what do you know? You’re just a mean old troll!”. It’s easier to just let the more intelligent posters figure out my point and let the rest just be confused on how to reply. It just saves on time.

Edit: As predicted I am now being attacked as the personal leader of “hate-spamming threads with my troll friends”. The day the average person first hear the word troll was the day the internet started to burn. These kids today…



I agree that some sort of update is in order, and that it doesn’t need to be leangthy or overly detailed. Short and sweet is fine, good or bad is fine. I don’t expect we will see anything though until they are solidly past the 4 week orders, at which point the update will be that they are starting the next smaller phase. I agree with some others though that spamming their inbox will probably be ineffective in reaching your goal, and will just go ignored.

I heard (also not from a verified source) that they will be giving out 10 free space flights with Richard Branson to the next ten customers, plus for all current pre-ordered customers they will pay any three celebrities you choose to go to dinner with you next Friday.

Stating that an unverified source says they’re bust is pretty futile. Tell us why you believe this person and how their credentials stack up and it may be taken into consideration, otherwise they can only be thought of as some unhappy customer you happen to have talked with who is upset that a crowd funded startup is still starting up after only a year.


Yup, this thread will succeed where the others have failed.

Oh wait,



One more week and it will have been a month since the last official blog update. Rosa Labs really needs to give some, any, feedback to the community.


I can’t disagree. Even “we’re still here, still working” would be better than silence. That doesn’t give away anything about their progress, and it still would be something.