my resources and questions on soylent.


I’ve been doing some research on my own, for my soylent recipe. The end results are in these 2 links, which are always up to date. Copy & use them freely as you like.

personal soylent spreadsheet: Link

a “just in case” ctrl+F friendly, symptoms list: Link

now a few questions:

having very easy access to high quality and quantity of virgin olive oil, I’ve been thinking to increase its dose to ~120mL to fully cover vit E, linoleic acid’s needs and some of the calories as maltodextrin is hard to find and expensive where I live. (greece)
Keep in mind that I really do not care about taste, at all.
What do you think? Could this much oil cause toxicity or hurt my liver? What should I be aware of?

As a newbie to lifting and wanting more muscle, I’ve read stuff about whey and casein, and thought of a way to use them both (seperately) for better muscle growth.
Assuming 3 soylent ‘meals’ per day, 1st as breakfast, 2nd as post-workout and 3rd as dinner, casein goes to meals 1 and 3, and whey in number 2. This is my plan for keeping amino-acids flowing in blood for a much longer time of the day while the protein costs per day stays the same.
That’s 66g casein and 33g whey isolate equals ~100g protein per day instead of just 100g whey.
Should I go for it? Anything I need to know?

another thing I’m on, is logging all of my normal diet’s cost per day, total food weight, time spent on its preperation and eating, so that I can compare the numbers with soylent’s as a practical way to prove that it works. Sometimes numbers talk louder than words :wink:

next on my to-do list is buying the ingredients, and making a sheet on reliable, easy, cheap and proven ways for diagnosing under & over dosing of each nutrient. Some kind of a practical “early warning system”.

feedback please :slight_smile:


sogviper, If you can share your height, weight, and gender it will help people give better feedback.


you can find these info within the first spreadsheet. But here’s a copy-paste:

weight: 55 kg
height: 167 cm
age: 24
sex: male
BMI: 19.5

average daily exercise: 60’ min
rotating each day between:
gym (compounds, weights),
running, cycling, swimming (in summer)