My results so far


Hello, I am new here. I have been lurking for a while, primarily because it took over two weeks for this board to activate my account.

Anyway, I am using the beginner’s formula with some tweaks. Primarily I take Alive! and fat separately due to the taste, but I am buffering this with additional vitamin supplements (not ODing on anything dangerous like magnesium, keeping a close eye on that).

I am a U.S. white male that is 5’11.5" / 1.8m. Last Friday (2013-05-24) I weighed in at 240 lbs/109 kg. My goal is to hit 180 lbs/82 kg (adding metric for our European/Aussie buddies). Today (2013-05-28) I weigh 238/108.

According to various sources, it requires 2,800 kcal to sustain my overweight self. I am consuming closer to 1,800 kcal. I have had one meal since last Thursday, when I grilled out Saturday for Memorial Day weekend. I felt okay eating regular food, and in fact I do snack a tiny bit now to keep my jaw strength, gut flora, and because I like to eat (maybe an extra 40-60 kcal/day).

I have an irregular heartbeat, and have actually been tested with fancy machines. It is not a problem, but I can feel it and it gives me panic attacks sometimes. This is the case even without consuming caffeine which only makes it worse. Since switching to Soylent, my heart has been beating like a drum: on time and as expected. Perfect rhythm, no problems.

I write software for a living. As you may expect, it requires a lot of thought and analysis to solve problems. I cannot say if it was Soylent or just the three-day weekend, but today I breezed through work.

I have an appointment with my primary care physician in a few weeks. I will be flying away for vacation before then but will have a solid week back on Soylent before he draws blood. My lipids are through the roof and I expect that this next blood test will show them starting to come back down: in another three months, the follow-up test will hopefully be perfect. I could be wrong about this, but it is my goal and what I hope happens.

Anyway it may just be talking into an echo chamber given the overwhelming positive results everyone has, but I wanted to add my two cents. I do have a few questions which I will post separately for more focused discussions.

Thanks to Rob and everyone else for spending the time to get this movement off the ground and share recipes, results, and ideas.


Good work… keep it up… sounds like Soylent is working well for you. Keep us updated on your progress! Hoping for some more good news:)