My review of Axcho's Justin Fuel... and Schmoylent!


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Axcho warned me when I ordered this that it is completely unsweetened as per Justin’s request. I’m not big on sweets so I went ahead with the order. I’m very happy with it! It is indeed not sweet.
My first impression was “it’s not bad…. but not particularly wonderful either.” Since then–one week ago–it has grown on me significantly. I enjoy the chia seeds although it was strange at first to chew a “beverage”.
My mom wanted to buy a bag from me to try out, but like Axcho I was concerned that she wouldn’t like the lack of sweetness. I shared some with both her and my dad, who each had the same reaction: “it’s not bad….it’s interesting”. She still wants a bag so I take that as a good sign!
I have been mixing an entire bag at a time in a Takeya pitcher I got from Amazon. I have been consuming about 1/3 of the mixture each day along with one meal of conventional food. I use less oil than specified. 90ml is 6 tablespoons; I use 1/3 cup which is about 78ml. I am fairly small and relatively sedentary so this level of intake works well. If I do have some physical activity I just supplement with a snack like cheese or fruit or a bowl of ice cream (or have a larger conventional meal). I may start consuming more like 1/2 a batch each day at some point soon. FYI, I have had no problem storing the mixture in the fridge for three full days.
Thank you Axcho for providing this service & product! I love having a soylent option in my life!!

My 14-day order should last me quite a while unless my mom wants a lot more. I may branch out and try Marion Fuel or Schmoylent next. @axcho you rock!


I have found that adding a little Breakfast Essentials (aka Instant Breakfast) powder to the mixture is very good. I use the milk chocolate variety and add a couple extra ounces of water so that it’s not too thick.

Since I started doing this, I’ve noticed that my mouth feels a bit raw, like my food is causing slight abrasions. I have no idea if it is related to the addition or if it’s just prolonged use of Justin Fuel and/or how I chew it. The raw feeling is minor though; I’m still enjoying the order!


I am pretty sure the mouth rawness was connected to the Breakfast Essentials. I haven’t added any in a few days and I’m back to a non-raw state.

In its place I started adding a little bit of regular table sugar (2 tablespoons per full batch). It adds just the slightest sweetness without any funky alternative/synthetic sweetener aftertaste.

I went 100% Justin Fuel on Thursday and it was great! I consumed probably 2/3 of a batch. The only downside was that I ran out on Friday while at work and was unable to make more. I picked up fast food on the way home and gorged on it. Since I was so hungry, I ordered more than I really needed, and it was hugely unhealthy. I’m going to have to figure out a better system for ensuring I always have a supply ready when needed.

I’ve determined that I can’t really consume this soylent very quickly. Chugging is not an option, even a few swallows, because I am compelled to chew each mouthful at least a little. This isn’t really much of an issue other than when I am out and about. Today (Saturday) I went shopping with my sister and two of her daughters (8 years old; 4.5 months old) and I knew I wouldn’t be able to carry a bottle around the outlet mall with me. I had to do my best to quickly eat a glassful before leaving the house so that I wouldn’t be starving before we finished. It worked pretty well.

All part of working out the kinks in finding the best fit for soylent in my life. I’m really, really enjoying having this option!


@LauraT I’m going to start my journey with a 14 day supply of Justin Fuel. I’ll be sure to post if I have any rawness that you describe.


I’ve been using Justin Fuel now and then. Normally not more than 2 servings per day. I ended up not adding oil, as it is easier to clean the shaker bottle while traveling. I tried BlendTec, but like it shaken better than blended.

I have been adding 1/2 packet of carnation vanilla to add flavor and sweetness. Without that it reminds me of unflavored oatmeal.


What are you doing about the oil? You need what is offers. Are you just expecting you get all the fats you need during your third meal?


I’m typically only having Justin Fuel 1 or 2 times per day.

I may try the oil when I am home, with access to a dishwasher or more blender bottles.


In my original post up there I stated that I use 1/3 cup of oil. I have since decreased that to 1/4 cup (60ml) per day, but when my 1/4 cup measuring cup is dirty and I don’t feel like washing it, I just estimate using the 1/3 cup.

I’m only 125 lbs so even on the days I do go 100% Justin Fuel I think I’m still getting what I need. When I have a conventional dinner, I’m certainly getting enough fat. Mmmmm cheese…


My shipment of Schmoylent arrived today! I’m very excited to try it out starting tomorrow. I waited too long to place this order so I’ve been without any soylent for the last week and a half (totally my fault–note to self: reorder BEFORE you get down to three bags left). I will let y’all know in a few days how Schmoylent compares to Justin Fuel.

I also have some Marion Fuel on its way, and a week of Clean Fuel Premium that my mom ordered, so I’m sure I’ll at least give that one a taste test.


So far I am very happy with Schmoylent. The first few days I was turned off by the fact that it is very sweet compared to Justin Fuel, but I have gotten used to it. It’s not really all that sweet–only when compared to something not at all sweet. I have noticed a nice side effect of this sweetness: I have absolutely no cravings for sweets (candy, donuts, etc.). I’m not usually real big into sweets anyway, but I had no urge to eat some candy that was available in the office the other day, and it was stuff I really like.

Observations not specific to any particular kind of soylent:

I am surprised how difficult it has been lately to stay hydrated. It seems simple, just drink water along with the soylent, but when drinking meals it almost becomes a chore to drink even more. I mostly run into this problem at work. At home it’s easier.

I am a little concerned with staying warm. I get cold easily already, but I’m colder than normal at work these days because of all the cold fluids I’m consuming. I have a sweater I can put on (or I just walk outside for a few min) so right now it’s no big deal, but I know once it starts getting cold out I will have serious cravings for hot meals. Probably involving melted cheese. I wonder if I could make some Schmoylent sort of like a bowl of breakfast grits and then add cheese. When I was growing up, my mom would make really good cheese and grits as a side dish with dinner sometimes. I may have to experiment once it’s not 98 outside.

I plan on trying Marion Fuel over the weekend. I’ll add my comments on that at some point.

A big thank you to @axcho for providing this service. Highly recommend. So helpful!!


Isn’t it amazing how quickly our palette adapts to things? Someone coming from every day processed food would probably never think Schmoylent was sweet. After several weeks on Justin Fuel though your palette is completely reset. I went to a Ketogenic DIY for about 3 weeks. When I first switched it was awful, it just tasted like wet dirt garbage. After about a week I got “used” to it, it never became pleasant but it did become something I didn’t dread. When I finally gave up and went back to my DIY I was astonished at how different/improved it felt.

I think this is also why some folks really struggle with Soylent and soylent (DIY). Depending how what they eat, some folks pallets are just setup to fail. What they can tolerate seems to be really driven by just not how much they can temper and push through but how programmed they have set themselves up for certain things. I personally found official Soylent to be incredibly sweet, but I’ve been on a DIY that contains no added sweetener for months.


That’s interesting, because my diet tends to be a lot of fast/processed/pre-prepared food and I still found Schmoylent very sweet (still haven’t had the opportunity to try Soylent yet, c’mon 2 week order!). Like LauraT said, you do get used to it, and I totally agree about the side benefit of not craving sweets.

Unfortunately I also get a negative side effect of strong cravings for something savory, especially cheese or fried things–like I said, those types of things have been and continue to be an unfortunately large part of my diet. I say “continue to be” because I have yet to get myself into any sort of steady soylent habit, as evidenced by my not having finished my one-week order of Schmoylent after, oh, about 4 months :blush: Still hoping to kick the junk and get into it, though! It’s hard when my partner isn’t on soylent, is skinny as a twig, and eats whatever he wants (though not much of it). Too much junk in the apartment.


I found that when I was on Justin Fuel I had strong cavings similar to that. CHEESE! Since then I’ve realized that there are two other factors in play. I was missing:

  1. Something warm in my stomach
  2. The feeling of fullness

Just recognizing these two things helps. On Justin Fuel I found myself getting huge unhealthy dinners on several days because I wanted this. Then I’d be stuffed and lethargic.

Realizing that a slice or two of cheddar from the grocery store/fridge was not fulfilling the craving clued me in to this–I was specifically craving melted cheese.

Keeping in mind that I was just used to the “warm and full” feeling has helped mentally overcome the urges. My body still says “give me a cheese quesadilla dipped in melted cheese along with cheesy nachos” but I know I don’t really need that. Very liberating. I’m in charge, not my stomach!


Good point. I actually found that a few spicy crunchy corn chips (Doritos Dynamitas, just because I happened to have them around, not because I’m a huge fan of them in particular) were a big help after a full glass of Schmoylent. Even just 2 or 3 were enough to satisfy me for a good long time. They filled several needs that soylent doesn’t:

  • Crunch and the sensation of swallowing something that isn’t liquid
  • Spiciness (doesn’t satisfy actual warmth, but might make you feel warm)
  • Savory flavor
  • Saltiness (Schmoylent has enough sodium unlike the official stuff, but that flavor of something salty is still something I missed)


I like this idea–I may go buy some Doritos! I have also been eyeing the jar of pepperoncinis in my fridge. Munching on a whole pepper along with a bit of the vinegar they soak in satisfies several of those needs too. I have noticed in the past (before any soylent) that one by itself fills me up for a good while. I think it’s the spiciness.


There might be something to this warmth thing. I drank my official Soylent straight today, did my usual routine of 20 oz breakfast and then a thermos cup every 2 hours. It usually takes some discipline but today I had a cup of hot black tea in between (with a little sugar) and it did seem to take the edge off.