My Review of Soylent

TL;DR - It’s a terrible product and you probably shouldn’t consume it.

D-, trolling skills need work.


I am not sure if you actually wrote the article or are being facetious, but I find #3 on the list interesting in light of the recent thread you started which linked to another thread with a concept that no one took seriously.


I actually agree with point 5, weight gain, which I have been a victim of. The bottles are damned easy to consume, and that makes them hard for me to resist. Fortunately, I currently prefer the powdered stuff by a wide margin.


Let’s go item by item:

  1. Toxic Heavy Metals – False – This has been discussed a lot and came up as a result of the California Prop 65 complaint, which is false.

  2. Weirdness – Possible – Anything can be considered “weird” based on culture and time period in which one lives. There are many things that other cultures or time periods might find weird about what you eat now. (and vice versa)

  3. Tube Feeding – Irrelevant – Tube feeding for medical uses already exists. It is in no way, shape, or form a stated market objective for Rosa Labs. This was one person’s drawing and idea, posted on a message board, which was not taken seriously.

  4. Flavor – Possible – The reason to be flavor neutral has been discussed at length, and is to keep people from getting sick of a certain flavor. If you wish to flavor your soylent, then there are lots of resources available to help you do that. In fact, it is one of the most discussed topics on discourse.

  5. Weight Gain – Possible but Irrelevant – I have seen more stories about people losing weight than gaining weight utilizing soylent. However, it is really irrelevant, as soylent is not really designed for weight control, but optimal nutrition.

  6. Mold – Irrelevant moving forward – The mold issue has been addressed and with the new production processes (as of the current run) and new foil seals (as of the next production run), the issue has been effectively solved. For the powder version, this is irrelevant.

  7. Price – Valid concern – The price issue has been discussed a lot. For many, the price seems reasonable for the convenience, time savings, and nutrition that you get in return. For others, the price seems high. The price quoted in the article is “over $3 a bottle”, which is incorrect. ($2.42 per 400 kcal bottle at current subscription rates or $12.10 for 2000 kcal) One could save money by purchasing powdered Soylent ($1.42 per 400 kcal serving or $7.10 for 2000 kcal) or going the DIY route which can be even cheaper. The article mentions getting some dollar menu items off of a fast-food menu, which would be a very poor nutritional substitute for soylent.

  8. The grit – Possible – I haven’t noticed any grit in the liquid version of Soylent (2.0). Perhaps this refers to the powdered version of Soylent. Make sure that you allow the powder to soak in the water after mixing for awhile. Also, shaking before consumption can help. The small amount of grit I have noticed in the powder version of Soylent is not off-putting.



(Edit: Note: By convention, I tried to use lower-case “soylent” when referring to nutritional drinks in general, and capitalized “Soylent” when referring to a product produced by Rosa Labs. Hopefully switching back and forth was not confusing or distracting.)


The article is pure crap.


Thanks for reading. For me, the mold was the biggest problem. It seemed the Soylent customer service had been trained to deal with complaints as well. I got a strong feeling that the company knew they were putting their customers health at risk. Yet, they continued pushing the bad batches until presumably they were all sold.

A couple of points on that, Eddie_J:

  1. When selling through the previous batches with possible issues (which, by all accounts, has now been accomplished), since the incidence of mold was so low (1 in 1000 or so), it would have been almost impossible to know which bottles had mold and which did not without destroying an entire batch. Hence, the need to continue work through that past batch until getting caught up to the current batch with no issues.
  2. From what I have seen, the customer service has refunded orders and provided new shipments free of charge (not one or the other: both) to those who have contacted them with mold issues, even if it were just one bottle. This seems extremely generous and above-and-beyond to me.
  3. You mention “health risk”, but I have yet to see anyone claiming health problems as a result of this. Presumably, now that the issue has been corrected with the new production processes/foil seals/etc., it is an irrelevant issue moving forward.
  4. I just had to throw out some bread and cheese due to mold issues. I didn’t blame the food producer one bit.