My Saturo Review

I saw there was a new replacement in Europe, again, and had to try it. We are spoiled for choice in Europe, plenty to choose from. I’ve been on powder and have tried several brands and then tried the liquids. I’ve tried Mana Drink, which is very good and now, Saturo.

The shipment came from Austria and arrived within a few days, no problem with shipping or packaging. I ordered the six bottle sample for 17,31 Euros and ordering was straight forward on their website. Anyway, I opened the package and there were six brown bottles, they didn’t have labels, which surprised me but the flavour was marked on the top of the bottle. The other thing that surprised me was it had a short shelf life of the 13th July 2017. No problem with a sample order but I would be a little worried if a bigger order came with just two months shelf life.

What I really liked was the product comes in 500 calorie bottles. Far better than the 400 calorie bottles option. This really works for me as I am a big guy and 400 calories is too small for me. 500 calories means you feel satiated for longer. I definitely like the size and Saturo seems to be the only drink of that size. I don’t aim to go down the 100% consumption again, I’ve done that for a long time now and I only want to replace meals when I’m working and needing to concentrate or I am on my own.

The bottle has a plastic screw top and beneath that there is a foil lid that you peel off. Having read about the soylent bottles with mould on the lid, I peeled this off slowly and examined it closer. No mould or anything to worry about at all, and that’s the way it should be.

There are three flavours, original, chocolate and coffee. I have to say I didn’t like the coffee one but that was because I don’t like coffee that much and drinking it cold didn’t work for me. If you like coffee you’ll like the taste of this one, I don’t but that’s only because I don’t like the taste. The chocolate one was seriously good. Lovely chocolate flavour and quite strong. It tasted just like a chocolate milk shake, really nice and chocolate was the only flavour in the bottle, you couldn’t taste anything else other than the chocolate. The original flavour was also very nice, difficult to pin down the flavour but it was not too sweet and very pleasant. I have to say, the chocolate and the original really tasted great, there was nothing I didn’t like about the flavour and texture.

I’m diabetic and tested my blood before and after drinking a bottle of Saturo and it was fine, a slight elevation but nothing to be concerned about. I have a bad opinion of maltodextrin but I have to say the product seems to have a low GI, going by my blood measurement. Maybe one day, they will replace the maltodextrin with something else but that’s just my opinion.

I’ve been pretty much 100% for a couple of years and have started to get fed up with mixing powder and washing the equipment each time. Now I’ve tried drink products, I couldn’t go back to powder. The price doesn’t worry me, I’m happy to pay for the absolute convenience of twisting the top, peeling the foil cover off and drinking straight from the fridge. No mess, no washing up and no hassle, it works for me.

The 500 calorie bottle does it for me, that and the flavour. Saturo is now my favourite brand, I really like it and would recommend it to others. On their web page there’s a 25% discount if you use exclusivebeta25 when ordering and it’s valid until the end of May. I definitely intend ordering a bigger purchase but I will email them first about the use by date. I’d want a longer shelf life for a larger order as I only have it, on average, once every couple of days.

In summary, I really like the product, it tastes great. They’ve gone for the larger size which really suits me. I cannot comment on the ingredients or nutrition as I’m not an expert on these subjects but would welcome other’s opinions.


So they offer a sampler pack, two bottles each of their three flavors. Ingenious! <sarc>But it would never work in the USA, or other companies would do it</sarc>. Seriously, what with Saturo, Mana and the upcoming Feed RTD products, plus Appetit already selling in retail shops in Belgium, Soylent is going to face serious, entrenched competition when it finally starts its promised European sales.

BTW when I look now the sampler is up to €19.90.

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I just had a look at them. Seems their ingredient list is an almost perfect clone of Soylent, with a similar Macro ratio.