My second mostly food soylent recipe


I needed more carbs and I didn’t want to depend on supplements, so I made this.

I really wish I could find a way to get rid of cream of tartar as a potassium source though! It’s terrible.

The cost information isnt in there yet.

Make sure you look at both the serving size AND the number of servings.

What do you think?

Easy and complete, mostly food Soylent recipe
Easy and complete, mostly food Soylent recipe

If the cream of tartar is only there for potassium, try to get either potassium citrate or potassium gluconate instead, they should have much milder flavours, if you can even taste them at all.


I don’t like the idea of sourcing a pure(ish) ingredient, but if it still tastes the same I’m going to have to. It’s impossible to eat with cream of tartar in it.


I can almost always taste any of the _____ citrates. They also have a really strong smell to me. I’ll probably opt for potassium gluconate. Do you know which has better absorption?


From what I’ve heard, both citrate and gluconate have good absorption rates, compared to other potassium sources.

Your other option is to replace some of your salt with potassium chloride, which is often sold as low-sodium salt (and may be a mixture of sodium chloride and potassium chloride, just check whichever brands you find), which is what I’m doing. While it may not be as good a source as gluconate or citrate, it’s a lot easier to get it where I live.