My Shift From Peoples Chow to Official Soylent (Just Arrived!)


It’s official, I gave all of my Peoples Chow ingredients and extras today to a friend (he isn’t on the Soylent train yet!) who I was sharing my recipes, both good and bad, with.

I had stopped my diy soylent path about a month ago primarily because I got bored with all of the experimenting and was really never satisfied with Peoples Chow (those that have gotten a grainy bag of masa surely understand). My own recipes were ok but I kept buying new ingredients to try and ended up with lots of different oils (fats), carb sources, protein powders, etc.

I had my first taste of official Soylent for ‘breakfast’ this morning. Attributes to describe Soylent: Creamy with small particles left in mouth after swallowing but not unpleasant. Reminded my daughter of thin (watery) cake batter. Neutral.

I estimate drinking about 500kcal at 7 am and was not hungry until 1 pm and just finished another 500 kcal.

Its date night so I will be having a muggle meal tonight and will resume Soylent for breakfast tomorrow.

If my body responds similar to my diy soylents, I look forward to far fewer BMs and losing a few more pounds as I have about 15 lbs more before I am satisfied. As well as the effiencies of not wasting time eating.


@cohron Please keep us appraised on how it goes the next few weeks. You’ll have a very interesting perspective on the differences between DIY and Soylent 1.0.


Ooh, hope you’re really good at holding in your farts… … … :smiley:


For whatever reason, so far my body has not yet had a ‘mustard gas’ reaction, neither DIY (that I can recall) nor Soylent.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t start now!


Good luck on your date night!

My daughter and I are both… well, we could lose a few pounds and no one would notice - we go out to eat too often. I’m envisioning “date night” with my daughter one day (insert daydream sound background music) to be going to a park with our powder drinks together instead of spending fifty dollars on empty calories.



I’ve noticed another difference between peoples chow and official Soylent. I do not feel full as long with official Soylent as I did with peoples chow. My ‘eating’ pattern especially for breakfast and lunch are pretty routine. Wake up at 6:30, make pot of coffee and drink 500 kcal soylent, prep for work. About 12:30 or so when the mood hits me I used to drink another 500 kcal DIY soylent. I am noticing my hunger feeling (stomach grumbling) coming sooner, about 11:00 ish. By dinner time (6:30 pm) I am famished.

If it is the same number of calories, is there any reason I should be getting hungry sooner?

fyi peoples chow is corn (masa) based, soylent is oat based if that makes a difference.


Some carbs (source of Calories) are slower digesting than others. If it digests quickly, you’ll have shorter energy. If it digests slowly, you’ll have a longer-lasting energy.